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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oh Dear!

Today we started out by attending a worship service held here at the campground by volunteers from a local church.  It was really well done and brought back memories of a home church that we were in a few years back.

After that we packed lunches and went into the park again.  This time we drove towards Polebridge, about 25 miles NNW of the West Glacier entrance.  About 13 miles up the road though, it turned to gravel and we didn’t care to drive 24 miles round trip on a gravel road, so we turned around and started back.

On the return trip, we checked out all the roadside stops and at one, we were positioned to overlook a meadow.  In this meadow, there was a large deer just standing there.  I’m assuming it was a she due to the lack of antlers.

Every few minutes she would pick up her right front foot and stomp it on the ground and then let out a loud wheezing bellow.  Not sure what that was all about.  We had seen two younger deer about a quarter of a mile earlier and perhaps she was calling to them.


After leaving the deer, we drove to Fish Creek to check that area out and then back to Apgar.  We had lunch on a picnic table that had a nice water view of Lake McDonald.

After lunch, and after Carol made her obligatory scan of the local gift shops for grandbaby items, we took a walk along the bike path to Apgar Campground.  Counting getting to the path, it is about a mile each way. 


Looking down the bike path

Unfortunately Carol’s hip started bothering her and she wasn’t up for the return trip.  So I returned and brought the car to her.  I think the rest of the day is for relaxing and planning tomorrow’s adventures.


Donna K said...

That's a beautiful doe and great pictures of her. So fun when you see something like that. Hope Carol's hip is feeling better.

Sue and Doug said...

oh,dear..hope the hip is feeling better this evening!..nice shots of the deer!!