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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Are there any deer in Deer Park???

Today we reluctantly left West Glacier heading for home.  We actually got out 45 minutes early thanks to Carol’s early morning vigor!  The drive was basically 258 miles on US Highway 2 followed by 5 miles of local roads to the Deer Park RV Park and Golf Resort.

Here is a map of today’s route – double click to make it larger and use your browser zoom to make that even larger.


We started up in the right hand top corner just outside Glacier NP.  Our route took us down through Kalispell which we had visited a few days earlier in search of the PCMCIA card for Carol’s computer.  We both  remarked as we passed through the city, how hectic that search was and how much nicer today’s drive through was.

Then we went west and about 20 miles or so further, we came across Thompson River Road.  Originally our route was going to have us take this road down to I-90.  But yesterday I had a feeling this might not be a good route.  I looked it up online and saw that someone had recommended it as a great scenic ride.

I called the Montana Dept. of Transportation but they were no help.  So on a Lark, I looked up the city of Thompson River, about halfway down the road, and asked the nice lady about it.  She immediately set me straight!  It is a gravel road!  It runs for 42 miles and most of that except in the actual city of Thompson River, is gravel!  Good thing I asked!

So as we passed by Thompson River Road today, we could see that it was indeed gravel.  I would not want to take the RV on that road towing the car.  The RV would kick up gravel which would scratch the car.

We were making good time and stopped about 8 miles outside of Libby, MT alongside a river to have lunch.  Good scenery out the window and I suspect Carol will have some pics of it in her blog today.

Libby is a small town of about 2,000 or so, but it is the first real town we had in the last 100 miles or so!

About 15 miles further we came to Troy which isn’t big at all, but you still have to slow down for it.  Then across the state line into Idaho.

Just north of Sandpoint about 2 miles is the town of Ponderay.  It is too small to see on the map above.  But my navigation program has the option to load external files with points of interest.  I have files for campgrounds in each of the NW states, one for rest areas, and most importantly, one for Wal-Marts.  So Ponderay had a Wal-Mart just where the program said it was and Carol went in to get a few supply items.

Then we headed west again through Priest River to Newport, which is just across the state border into Washington.  Newport looks like a nice little town on the Pend Oreille River.  The river is good size with a pretty color, at least it is this time of year.

From Newport, we went the remaining 40 miles or so to our campground for tonight.  A total drive of 263 miles.  It was 85 degrees when we arrived, but after 30 minutes or so, our on board AC units have us nice and cool.

The plan for tomorrow is to go to Maryhill state park just about 30 miles or so east of the Dalles, OR and 274 miles from here.  It is one of our favorite parks, though we have no internet there and very poor cell service.  So we may not post our blogs tomorrow unless we get lucky.


Donna K said...

Good thing you talked to the nice lady!! 42 miles on a gravel road is not my idea of a scenic drive. We went to teh coast today and it was foggy, windy, and cold but when we got home it was 94 degrees! Summer's here...

Sue and Doug said...

safe travels to you both as you get closer to home!!!..