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Sunday, July 31, 2011

7,662 feet and what a view!

Today we got up early before the heat came (it was 64 degrees when we left the RV, 77 when we returned) and went for our bike ride.  We went to the American Legion Park which is about 4 miles away.  It has a paved trail that is about 4.5 miles long and goes through a dry canyon.

It was downhill at first and slightly uphill coming back.  We rode 4 times around some ball fields at the end in order to get a full 10 mile ride in.  But when we were done, we were really tired!

After resting and lunch, we went to Mt. Bachelor, about 20 miles SW of Bend which is about 20 miles or so south of here.  Once we arrived at the ski center, we found that there were still random spots of snow, some pretty good size.

We purchased 2 lift tickets ($16 each) and rode up the chair lift from the 6,200 foot level to the 7,641 foot level.

2011-07-31 14.27.05

The only lift open in the summer takes you to Pine Marten Lodge which has a restaurant open this time of year and has sunset dining packages.  Once at the Lodge, you get a close-up view of the top of the mountain, but the lifts to the top are not running this time of year.

2011-07-31 14.37.47

The end of the ride at the top of the mountain has a very easy way to disembark from the ride.  You just stand up and walk away!

2011-07-31 14.37.52

So here we are at 7,662 feet out in the mountains totally away from civilization and as I use my phone, I see that I have 4 bars of 3G signal.  A quick look to the right of the lodge shows a small hill with  cell system antennas on it.  No wonder I had such good signal!

2011-07-31 14.38.56

The view from here to the northwest shows several lakes along the Cascade Lakes Highway. 

2011-07-31 14.43.52

A great view of the surrounding mountains including the Three Sisters.

2011-07-31 14.48.53

As we left the lodge, we noticed a disc golf course!  Yup, they play disc golf here in the summer.  The first hole starts with a drop of about 100 feet, and then a climbing distance of about 400 yards.

Here is a close-up of the target for hole #1.  You can barely see it even at full zoom.

2011-07-31 14.54.31

Here is the same shot with no zoom.  The target is to the left of the lift tower and in the snow.  It would take quite a shot to make it from the tee1

2011-07-31 14.54.36

There are holes for the course all the way down the hill.  While waiting at the bottom, I saw several players exiting the course wearing bags around their waists that held about 30 discs and large beverage bottles.  Guess you really have to come prepared for this course!


Sue and Doug said...

nothing like a ride in chair lift on a bee-u-tiful day!!..if you ever come to BC we will have to be sure to go take you to Whistler!!..spectacular views!!!

Russ Krecklow said...

Great view from up there! Well worth the trip on the lift. Keep having good times in the sunshine. You've earned it by putting up with all the rain earlier in the summer!!