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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weird, Weirder & Weirdest

Weird, Weirder, and Weirdest – no, that’s not what the www in most internet addresses stands for.  Instead, it just means that this is a random collection of things I have come across recently.

But first, to bring you up to date, we are home now for 3 days.  On Tuesday, between rain showers, Carol and I rode 10 miles on our bikes.  Yesterday, Wednesday, I did 11 miles.  So we got in some serious (for us) rides on our bikes.

Last night we visited our son & Daughter-in-law & granddaughter and watched the NHL playoff game with them.  Good game, good company too.

Today we arrived home about 11.  Some random heavy rain showers through the day, so our walk with friends Tom & Cheryl was cancelled.  (they wimped, not us – actually they just beat us to it).  I did replace the slide switch that we recently ordered – took all of 5 minutes.  Tomorrow my friend Kevin is coming over to help me replace the washer/dryer unit in the RV.  The new one has more capacity and supposedly works quicker.  I’m sure once it is in, Carol will have a review on her blog of how it is doing.

Now, onto some weird.  Ever hear of an anti-hail machine?  Well there actually is such a device and it is documented on this sign I found on one of our recent trips.


Now I usually keep pretty much up to date on things like this, but I never heard of an ant-hail machine.

How about this one?


Yes, that is the US Capitol, however it is all in Legos.  We saw that on a trip to Legoland back in 1999.  Me thinks someone has way too much time on their hands.


This one has to be the world’s smallest church.  It is located in Drumheller, Canada, just east of Calgary about 100 miles.  We went there with our son, Jonathan in 2001.  He was 12 at the time.

And since we are on a churchy theme here, let me close with this comic I received from a friend.



Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

LOL -- good post, thanks for sharing the weird, weirder & weirdest:)

Donna K said...

Well that was fun! Never thought of such a device as an anti-hail machine. Funny cartoon.

Gail Durham said...
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Gail Durham said...

An anti hail machine, how interesting, now if we could only have an anti tornado maching~~~