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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Soaring with the Eagles….

Today we walked over to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museums.  With our AAA discount, it cost only $40 for both of us and that included the IMAX movie in 3D about the Hubble Space Telescope.

The bad news about 3D is that you have to wear the funky glasses.  They actually project two images on the screen simultaneously from two different projectors.  If you look back during the program you can see them both projecting.  These two images are projected with different phased light, one vertical and one horizontal.  You wear 3D glasses that each have polarized lenses, one horizontal and one vertical.  That fools your brain into giving depth to the picture you are seeing and the images truly jump out at you.  (interestingly enough, try putting the glasses on upside down.  The depth remains the same but some images reverse position!)  Anyway, if I ever get a new flatscreen TV, 3D would be cool to have.  Especially since the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl will be in 3D from now on.

The Hubble move itself is well worth seeing, in 3D or regular.  It gives you a great idea of just what the Hubble telescope has done for astronomy.  Too bad there won’t be anymore shuttle missions to support it.

The space museum is full of spacecraft, mostly replicas, but some actual space vehicles.



Mars Rover


Soviet Vostock spacecraft – yup, in the shape of a ball.


US Mercury spacecraft.


US Gemini 2 man spacecraft


US Lunar Excursion Module (LEM)


US Moon Rover vehicle – top speed 8mph

After the movie and lunch, we went to the Aviation portion of the museum which is in another building.  There are many aircraft there, some current and many historic including a replica of the Wright Flyer.  If you want pictures of them, you’ll just have to visit the museum as there isn’t enough room on the blog for all the great pics you could have.



Must have been a tough landing

To the west of the museum is the new indoor water park which opened yesterday.  Yes, that is a Boeing 747 on the roof and where there would normally be escape slides for the passengers, there are water slides for the patrons.  You can see the 747 from the highway, so it is great advertising.


Mig 29 Fulcrum

There are also aircraft all over the grounds, some permanently on display and others loaned from other collections.  Not sure how they obtained all the Soviet equipment they have, but this is a real catch.  This fighter is still the top of the line for many former East bloc nations and many others in the Mideast.  It is tailored after the F-15 Eagle and is about an even match if competently flown.

It was supposed to rain today, but turned out partly cloudy/partly sunny but with a pretty good breeze.  Maybe tomorrow if the wind dies down, we can go for another bike ride.  We did do an 8.2 mile ride yesterday over around the Evergreen Museums and onto the west side housing areas.  Tomorrow is our last day here before we leave on Thursday so we will have to see what the weather allows.

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Russ Krecklow said...

Wow, I'd really like to see that movie, even with having to wear the glasses. That's got to be a great place to visit at some time in our near future. (The IMAX, not Hubble)