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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quit Bugging Me!

That’s what I say to the mosquitos, but it does not help.  Last night and this morning, the mosquitos and friends, collectively known as “bugs,” were really out in force.  There were hundreds of them all over the area.  Not sure if it was just that location, or whether more had hatched and were hungry.

Anyway, I loaded up with Off insect repellent and went forth to do the disconnects this morning and wash the front windshield.  Really could not stay out any more than that.  Wore long pants and sweatshirt to try to gain some protection, but there were just too many of them.

We headed out of West Yellowstone with a clear windshield which quickly got bugged up.  I guess turn about is fair play.  You try to bite me, I get 100 of your friends on my window.  Hey, maybe if we got all the RV’s to drive around town for an hour or so, we could really make a difference in the insect population<g>.

The trip to Helena was 183 miles with the obligatory Wal-Mart stop.  We needed to restock before hitting Glacier tomorrow.  It was a fairly easy drive though the outside temperature is now over 90.  We are down to about 4,000 feet altitude so it makes sense that it is warmer.

Tomorrow we go up I-15 and then over to East Glacier, about 193 miles. We visited Glacier NP in 2001 for a very brief stay, so this visit will be much more fun.

I saved this picture from yesterday’s journey because that blog entry already had enough pictured.  I was able to use the digital zoom on the video camera to capture it.


This is a dad out with his son in a small boat.  No one else around for probably 500-600 yards at the least.  They really seemed to be enjoying Jenny Lake and the Grand Tetons.  If you haven’t visited these national parks, do it before you can’t!

(But bring insect repellent!)


Russ Krecklow said...

Glad to see you making a small dent in the bug population, Dave. There's never and easy way to avoid the little rascals when you have to get out of the rig and unhook everything.

Sue and Doug said...

darn bugs!!!