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Monday, June 20, 2011

In search of a spot

Today we left Ontario at about 8:30, an hour before we had planned.  Good thing we did because we lost an hour after the first 50 miles when we crossed into the Mountain time zone.  This part of the journey was under mostly clear skies, though when we went through some of the mountain passes, we did have partly cloudy skies.

The RV is performing quite well and everything is working fine.

I did get a chance to talk with my good friend John today on some football issues.  John was the back judge in our game last Saturday night and as we were driving home from Silverton, OR, we noticed in downtown Portland that there was a flood of police cars on several streets just east of the I-5 freeway.  Couldn’t tell what it was for because it was dark at 11:30.  John told me today that it was for a nude bike ride through Portland.  Now, that just doesn’t sound like fun.  I would sure hate to fall off and scrape myself in the wrong areas.  At least clothing offers some protection.  But then again, this is Portland and hopefully this is a good example of natural selection at work.

I also hope they bill the event organizers for the police protection.  (though I bet all volunteered to “help out.”)

Anyway, back to the trip…..we planned to stay in American Falls, Idaho tonight.  When we got to the off ramp for the park, it was completely torn up and the bridge over the freeway wasn’t completed either.  The sign telling you this was about 100 feet in front of where the ramp would be and was followed by a sign indicating that the next exit was 9 miles away!  Since we were out in the country, there were no connecting roads visible out the window nor did my GPS map show any.  So, we went on to Pocatello.

That too turned out to be a hassle.  First we went to Cowboy RV park and when we arrived, there was a sign on the door indicating that they had no vacancy.  We did see some empty sites, but they were either reserved or the staff didn’t feel like staying open late.

So we drove onto the KOA.  This too proved to be an adventure.  The GPS gave good directions on how to get there, but I missed a turn and ended up going up a steep hill to some houses with no apparent way to turn around.   A 35 foot motor home is hard enough to turn a tight circle, but where there is only road and no shoulder plus you are 15 feet longer towing a car and can’t backup, it gets, well, very interesting.

Fortunately the Lord provided a house with a circular drive which we “borrowed” and made the turn.  Hopefully the owner didn’t mind, and if he ever reads this, we appreciate his coerced hospitality.  (I mean like what could he say if we show up half way into his front yard and can’t backup?)

So we went back down the hill and eventually ended up at the park.  So our travails for the day were over.  Well, not quite.  The site we have has a plugged sewer pipe and backups after about 5 minutes of fluids.  I was able to get the maintenance folks to try to snake the line, but their 25 foot snake wasn’t up to the task.  So they rebated some of our payment to make up for it.

Here’s a few pictures that I took while cooking dinner tonight.

2011-06-20 19.22.53

Looking north – see the great sky!

2011-06-20 19.22.57

Looking east across the road.  This gives a pretty good idea of the terrain around here.

2011-06-20 19.23.53

South into the park.


Tomorrow we head to West Yellowstone, now a distance of about 154 miles or so.  Stay tuned!  I will try to get some wildlife pictures  if I can get Carol to stand still! <g>


Russ Krecklow said...

If you can't get Carol to stand still, you can go to the Bear & Wolf exhibit in West Yellowstone and get some close up shots there. We enjoyed that. Went out early a couple of mornings and did get some real wildlife. Bison are pretty easy, since they walk right down the road sometimes. Got some since elk shots too. No bears or wolves in the wild, though. Did enjoy the geysers and the other thermal features. Really spectacular. You'll love it all.

Russ Krecklow said...

Hey Dave, since you ref a lot, thought you might enjoy this story:

Donna K said...

You better be careful...Carol may bite if you're not nice! Hope you guys have a great time in Yellowstone and take lots of pictures.

John and Ellen said...

You made me laugh this morning Dave as I read about you turning around in a circular driveway. We and probably many others have been in some fairly awkward situations getting turned (temporally lost and/or unexpected events) around over the years.