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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Discoveries old and new

Today started out sunny, but by 9 am was cloudy with a fairly good breeze.  So instead of bike riding, we decided to go discover some of the smaller towns in the area.  To do that, we first went through McMinnville and headed north on highway 47.

First stop was Carlton, a small town about 7 miles north on Highway 47.  The town did have a community outdoor swimming pool and it brought back memories to Carol of her home town Osage, IA and the community pool there.

Second stop was Yamhill, about 4 miles north of Carlton.  This little town shares the same name as the county for this area.  This town did have an area of new housing, so there must be a draw to this area.

After back tracking through Carlton and back down highway 47, we went east on highway 99W to Lafayette.  This town was very small and you really breeze through it quickly.

Went back to the RV for lunch, and then spent the afternoon on the computer working on various projects. 

For dinner, we went to McMenamins in McMinnville.  This is a chain of restaurants all around the Portland area and surrounding communities.  Some are simple store fronts, others are old schools made into hotels, some are old hotels now operating as both hotels and restaurants.  The one in McMinnville is actually the old Oregon Hotel now run by McMenamins.  This one was really nice and they also have a rooftop deck five stories up with a great view of the city.  The pictures below are from that deck.

2011-06-08 19.13.23

Facing Northeast

2011-06-08 19.13.30

Facing Northwest

2011-06-08 19.13.39

Facing Southeast

2011-06-08 19.13.50

Facing Southwest

Tomorrow we head for home and back for about 9 days.  Then we are planning a 3 week trip to either Yellowstone or Glacier National Parks and possibly both.

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Russ Krecklow said...

Dave, that's something we've wanted to do but have been very limited on.
You've rekindled our interest in visiting the small towns that are off the beaten path (I5). Thanks.