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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baker, Baker…..

Yup, we are in Baker City.  Staying at Oregon Trails RV Park for the night.  With GS discount $24.30 for the night – not bad at all.  We left home today under drizzly skies at 9:20 and arrived here, 306 miles later at 3:30.

We made three pit stops along the way plus a lunch stop, so we made good time for sure.  The drizzle stopped about the Dalles and the skies cleared and the temps went to the mid 70s.  Sky stayed clear until past Pendleton when it became partly cloudy.  Temps now near 70 which is ideal.  (so ideal, I wish I had time to golf here with my friends!)

So far, 1 day into the trip, everything in the RV is combat ready and we are at 100% effectiveness rating.  Hopefully it will stay that way.

During one of our pit stops today, my youngest son, Jonathan called to wish me a happy Father’s Day and his timing was perfect.  60 seconds later and I would have been driving out from our stop.  It was good to hear from him (always is).

Didn’t get any pictures today as the road is one we have traveled recently (last year on our big Grand Circle trip) so there really wasn’t much to watch that was new.  Tomorrow we head to Idaho, so we may have some pics there.

Since today is Father’s Day, I thought I would share some cartoons.  (double click on them to make them larger).



Enjoy!  Happy Father’s Day to all!

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