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Thursday, June 30, 2011

As we stumble along……

Well, the weather today is rotten.  Very windy and rainy at times.  The temp is in the 50’s but with the 20+ mph breeze, it really makes it feel cold.

We had thought about going back up the Going to the Sun road to take a hike along one of the paths, but it was too cold.  So instead we first went back to the visitors center to check out the movie we missed yesterday.  It was all about the major maintenance project (7+ years long) they have started to rehab the Going to the Sun road.  Given the steep drop offs and alpine terrain, it is really a challenge for the engineers.

After that, we drove over to Babb (about 7 miles north) and checked out state highway 464.  That is the suggested alternate to go between Browning and St. Mary.  As soon as we turned onto the road, there was a construction sign indicating road work for the next 10 miles.   They are repaving this route and looks like they have finished.  The road is in great shape and the road workers have left.  Also the road is an easy drive and we will take it tomorrow for sure.


The above is a picture of the completed roadwork.  There is a stretch of the road for about 1,000 feet where the line painters got a little crazy.  This is just a segment of the lines (the two yellow lines at this point are about 18 inches apart!).  The second solid line wanders all over the place.  It looks to us like a trainee did the second stripe.

We then drove into Glacier Park, Many Glacier area.  This looked to be no big deal on the map and we just thought it would give us something to do.  Wrong!

This area has great scenery and beautiful mountain vistas overlooking lakes.


View from roadside on road to Many Glacier


Another roadside view.


Similar view with zoom, note the rain clouds.

Up near the glacier, we stumbled upon a large park lodge.  We ended up having lunch there.  Unfortunately the dining room and adjacent rooms were being renovated so the interior scenery wasn’t all that great.  The food wasn’t either unfortunately.  But the scenery from the deck outside was great!


Deck View

They also do boat tours from the lodge.  This is one of the tour boats.  This whole Many Glacier area was one we just stumbled into, never expecting it to be as good as it was!


We came back to the RV and it is still windy and stormy.  Looks like we will get more rain coming soon.

Tomorrow we leave for West Glacier and we will be there several days before heading home.


Donna K said...

Those mountains are magnificent! Wish you had better weather but a beautiful view can be appreciated in any type of weather. Loved the photos.

Sue and Doug said...

looks like you made the most of a 'bad weather day'!!..I wonder if the 'line painter' maybe had a little 'drink' for lunch??