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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Around and around we go and where we stop….

Before talking about today’s journey, let me bring you up to date on last night.  After I posted the blog, we had a fairly strong thunderstorm.  First, we caught the leading edge of the microburst winds.  Very strong from the west.  Then there was thunder & lightning accompanied by heavy rains.  The winds shifted to come from the south and eventually the east.  Took about 2 hours for it to pass.

Microbursts are an interesting phenomena.  Under a thunderstorm cell cloud, the winds can be very strong near the ground and have been known to cause airplane crashes.  That’s why airliners won’t take off if there are thunderstorms nearby even if their flight path wouldn’t go near them.

The rain from the storm produced an breathtaking sunset.  Check out the pictures below:


This morning we left Helena and headed to the east side of Glacier National Park.  The first 25 miles or so was on I-15 and relatively easy.  Then we went on highway 287 and eventually to highway 89.  For the first 100 miles of that stretch, the road was one lane in each direction with no shoulder.  Driving a motor home on that road was exciting, especially each time a large truck or RV passed you going the other way.  No room at all for error.

The last part of the trip was between Browning and St. Mary.  Only about 30 miles, but a very windy road with sharp turns and u turns.  I felt like we were continuously turning around and back, over and over.  Then, there were also strong winds on that stretch which made it a real challenge to drive.

When we arrived at the RV park here, the counter person suggested we go a bit out of our way and take state route 464 back.  Yes, it is longer, but looks much straighter and will probably end up being quicker.  We will probably go that way on Friday.

Once we were all set up in our spot and had some lunch, we went for a drive into Glacier NP.  Here are some scenes from that drive.


2011-06-29 15.09.06

Mountain views

2011-06-29 15.11.43

Looks like they have bears here too!

2011-06-29 16.35.34

A view of St. Mary Lake toward the east

2011-06-29 16.41.48

A view of the same lake back west and into the mountains

It is raining right now, though no thunder yet.  The weather is supposed to clear over the next 2 days and be really nice when we are on the west side.  Stay tuned!


Sue and Doug said...

spectacular photos of the sunset!!!

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Sounds like an adventurous day!

Donna K said...

The sunset pictures are awesome. You can almost see the wind roiling those clouds. Glad you made it safely over what sounds to be a very dicey drive. Stay safe and have fun.