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Friday, May 27, 2011

Showers and Par for the Course…..

Today I played 18 holes at Mallard Creek Golf Course, adjacent to the RV park by the same name.  This is a championship level course and can be quite difficult at times.

The front nine holes are challenging enough, though fairly flat compared to the back nine which is very hilly.  Many holes have narrow fairways and water comes into play on many of them.

Given all the rain we have had, I was surprised that the course was in such great condition.  Carts are allowed on the course using the 90 degree rule and there were few boggy areas – far fewer than at other courses in our area these days.  And the greens were all in super shape – well drained and firm.

There were three rain showers while I played, none lasting more that 15 minutes.  I was able to stay in the cart and dry while waiting them out so they were not a real problem.  You are allowed to take your golf cart back to the RV park and just leave it in your site.  They come in the evening and pick them up.  If you call the night before, they will even deliver a cart to your rig in the morning – a very nice and RV friendly service.

2011-05-27 13.09.40

The green at #14 just after a rain shower went by.

2011-05-27 13.10.36

Looking down #15 with #1 in the far distance

2011-05-27 13.15.12

My ball sitting on #15 green – only about a foot from the hole!

Overall, I had a good round with 6 pars.  Given the weather conditions, this is really good and I shot an 89.  Anytime I break 90 on this course, which isn’t often, I’ve played well.

Tomorrow, two fellow football officials who are friends of mine (John & Rick) are coming down from Vancouver to play a round here with me.  It is about 105 miles from my house, so it is quite a trek for them.  Hopefully, we will have decent weather!

On another front, I located that switch I need for the RV slide system at DeMartini RV down in Grass Valley, CA where we bought the rig.  Nobody locally here has it and I thought they would have to order it from Fleetwood.  But they have it in stock and it is on the way already!


Donna K said...

Don't know much about golf but I'm glad to hear you got your slide out switch located and on the way!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Sounds like you made the most of the day in spite of the rain! Enjoy your game today with your friends!