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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Last Day on the Trip

Today is the last day of our trip.  Tomorrow we leave for home bright and early.  But to bring you up to date from Sunday……

Sunday was the day we came back to the state park from Cashmere.  Got a great site in #15, even better than #13 which we had last week.  I brought the RV over while Carol went and checked out a Pioneer museum.

We did notice on Saturday that our kitchen rug was wet and we were thinking that there was a leak under the sink.  So after I got everything setup, I pulled off a grate and checked it out.  Nope, no water there at all.  Guess we must have spilled something or other and didn’t notice it.

Wrong….turns out when Carol came back, she put in a load of laundry and almost immediately, we had water coming out from the front of the unit.  So now we know the source of the problem.  Repairing it will have to wait until we are home though.

Sunday night we got the great news about bin Laden being killed by an American special operation.  Was glad that he was finally run down.

It was described as a “surgical operation” by some of the networks.  Yup, surgical all right….a terrorist version of Obamacare for sure.  He was also described as a “holy man” in some Arab broadcasts.  Holy???, well I guess you could say he is holy now… hole in the chest and the other in the head compliments of Seal Team 6.

Wonder if he got that sinking feeling after being tossed off the ship…..

Yesterday (Monday) the weather was showery and we pretty much stayed glued to the TV news to keep up on the story.  Unfortunately, the news on Sunday evening pre-empted our favorite show Amazing Race.

Today we went for a 9 mile bike ride in a fairly stiff wind.   It is sunny and warm and the outbound part of the ride was easy, but coming back against the stiff breeze was a challenge.  But it is good exercise so I shouldn’t complain.

Here at the park we do not have Wi-Fi  Instead we use tethering on our phone which is not as fast as Wi-Fi, but works OK as we have decent cell coverage here.  In fact, we hooked my computer to the TV and used HULU.COM to view the shows we missed on Sunday.  Worked pretty well too which surprised me.

Because of the washer problem, we will head home tomorrow.  Then I can hopefully begin to work on it.  Since Splendide, the company that makes it, is HQ’d in Clackamas, the parts and all should be fairly local.  Once we get that fixed, we can start to plan our next trip.

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