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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I want you to build an Ark

OK, so maybe it hasn’t rained that much, but if it keeps up, we may want to get pontoons for our motorhome.

Today we left home just after 10am and headed to Mallard Creek Golf Course and RV resort.  We’ve stayed here many times before and I love the course here.  It is hard but a fair challenge and for some reason I usually score either really well or really poor.  No middle of the road.

The drive was 105 miles and was pretty uneventful.  When we arrived, the RV park was pretty empty.  There are maybe 6-7 rigs here total out of about 45 spots or so.

2011-05-26 16.23.52

A picture from our rig showing the empty sites

The weather here has been showery all day.  Not heavy, just sporadic and enough to keep the ground wet.

We do have a small problem with our slide out.  The switch to put it out is sticky and hard to activate.  It works if I really mash it, but sooner or later it will die.  Fortunately, I know how to work around to get it to work if it should fail.

The part needed probably only costs $5 or so, but nobody stocks it here.  I’m hoping to order it from Fleetwood.  It will only take minutes to install it, but finding it is a real bear.

Also, to catch you up on some activities we did while at home, last Sunday we went to a street fair in NW Portland.  Our son, Tim is in a musical group and his group was playing during the event.  His wife, Kiersten, brought granddaughter Sophie to the event too.

2011-05-22 15.25.37

Grandma Carol with Sophie

2011-05-22 16.05.50

                    Cody Weathers & the Men Your Mama Warned You About.                   Tim is on the left, Cody in the middle, and Steve on the right.

2011-05-22 16.16.30

Looking NW from the event site at the street fair

2011-05-22 16.16.49

Looking SW from the event site at the street fair

Well, the rain has stopped for awhile.  If I could see some breaks in the sky, I would try to get 9 holes in before dark.  But it looks like more rain is headed our way, so I guess golf will have to wait at least until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I have to go look at Genesis and get the plans for that ark.  Anyone know what a cubit is?


Donna K said...

Did you ever hear that old gospel song "Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord"? Our kids used to say "Noah found grapes in teh ice of the Lord." Tennesee Ernie Ford sang it - mostly spoken rather than sung but it goes through the whole flood story. It's pretty funny - however all this rain is no longer amusing!! Hope you and Carol get at least a few rays of sunshine. Love the picture of Carol with Sophie.

Sue and Doug said...

happy Ark building to you both!!..same weather here in British Columbia..we can hardly wait for May to be over..maybe June will bring some sunshine!