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Monday, May 30, 2011

…And the Skies are Partly Cloudy All Day….

Seems the weatherperson is a day off!.  Saturday was supposed to have many showers, and it didn't – it was just cloudy.  Sunday was supposed to be just cloudy and instead it was rainy.  Today was supposed to be showery and it is partly cloudy.  Go figure!

We didn’t do too much yesterday.  Eventually, we went to Albany to try to find a park that we rode our bikes in several years ago.  Drove all over Albany and I think we came close to the park, but never did find it. 

We did locate a neighborhood park called Grand Prairie Park.  This looked just like a small park but not far from it was a long canal about 8-10 feet wide that ran for about 1.5 miles.  Better for us, there was a concrete bike path all the way along it.  So we rode down it and back up.

2011-05-29 14.49.36

Nesting ducklings waiting for mommy!

While on the path, there were many ducks wading and just laying around.  Several times we would see a mother duck and her ducklings.  In one case, there was a mother and 10 ducklings.  Now that is a large family!  And daddy was nowhere to be seen.  (Probably watching the NHL game on duck vision – After all we are in Oregon).

After following the path, we rode around the neighborhoods near the park.  We didn’t want to get too far from the car as the clouds were building.  Soon I could see a shower coming so we headed back  to the car and got the bikes and all loaded just before the first drops fell.  We got in 5.5 miles which is OK, but I like to think of 6 miles as the minimum for a real ride.

For dinner, we drove to the A&W/KFC in Lebanon.  We normally don’t eat KFC because it is fairly costly.  But for some reason, this store has an all you can eat buffet ($7.99, $6.99 seniors) and it includes salads, chicken of their various types, all the sides, and drinks.  A really good deal.  So when we come to Mallard Creek, we make a visit to this store.  Please, if you know of others with the buffet, don’t tell us!

Today (Monday) we left Mallard Creek about 11 and headed to Champoeg State Park, just south of Wilsonville, OR.  It only took a little more than 1 hour to get here.  The sun came out and has been out most of the day except when ducking behind clouds.

If you saw Carol’s blog recently, you know we have been having a couple of problems.  First the washing machine has been giving us a real hassle where the timer goes crazy and the knob just starts advancing through the various cycles.  Carol has to go through a process to get it to let her open the door so she can rebalance the load.  She thought that she had discovered a setting that was causing this, but today it is doing it even more.  So when we get home, we will replace that unit with the newer one with more capacity which will be a real improvement.

Also, we had a small leak from the toilet.  I was figuring that I would need to unfasten the bowl and then reseat it.  But on a whim, I tried tightening a screw that holds a pressure band.  I was able to turn it about two turns, which isn’t really much.  But Carol reports that so far, no more leaks.  I’m surprised that it was that easy….time will really tell.

We also have a problem with a day-night shade, but that will wait until we are at home.

After lunch (and a few more rounds with the washer for Carol), we went on a 9 mile bike ride through the park.  Our hilltoppers really got a workout early in the ride as the first part to the east on the trail has some very steep climbs.  Then we rode the other direction and ended up with a total of 9 miles – more of a real ride!

2011-05-30 15.39.22

The park is so nice and green now

2011-05-30 15.39.26

Here is a good view of the sky which is typical for today

Tomorrow’s forecast is for….oh, who cares?  They haven’t been right lately, what makes me think they will be now.

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Sue and Doug said...

the weather people are never right anyway..I go with 'open the blinds' and see what is out there!..never mind the forecast!