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Friday, April 29, 2011

Up, Up, and (not so) Away

Today we moved the RV from Wenatchee Confluence State Park to the Chelan County Fairgrounds in Cashmere – about 10 miles away.  Had to refuel first – paid 3.96/gal which is expensive.  We used the Gas Buddy android app to find the cheapest gas and it was in Cashmere.  Wenatchee had it for $4.09 at the cheapest station I could get the RV into.

The park here isn’t the world’s greatest.  The sites are not level and I had to use 3 blocks under the rear tires to get us even close.  But it does have 50 amp power, plenty of water pressure, and even cable TV.  They do have 300 sites here……and we are the only ones here!

2011-04-29 17.42.56

Kind of lonely out here….

After lunch we drove up highway 2 towards Steven’s Pass.  We never made it there.  We took a turn off for Lake Wenatchee and went to check out the Thousand Trails RV park.  We drove around some of the sites, but a portion of the park is closed for the season.  The sites all appear to have electricity (30amp) and some have water and some of those have sewer.  We are not Thousand Trail members, but we do like to check out the parks.

After leaving there, we drove back to the road that we thought would take us to the north entrance of the state park.  Turns out we missed the north entrance and went half way around the lake until the road degraded and had not been plowed.  We turned around there and found both the north and south portions of the state park, but the camping was closed in both sections.

So we came on back to the RV about 5:15 and Carol is now cooking dinner.  It is still windy here and hopefully that will go down tonight/tomorrow.  Since tomorrow is Carol’s Birthday, we are going to spend a good portion of the day in Leavenworth at her request.  it should be fun, especially if it is not windy!

Here’s one of the bugs that seemed to survive hitting our windshield today



Donna K said...

What a nasty little bug!!! You are too funny. Well, at least you have peace and quiet in that location. Have a fun day in Leavenworth, that's such a cute little town.

Russ Krecklow said...

Cute bug, Dave! Donna hates 'em. Especially after her experience with ants while we were in Bishop at the Millpond Campground.

Looks like you are certainly pretty much on your own there in that campground. No kids, no barking dogs, no generators, no loud music..... where's the fun in that!

Thanks for sharing. You will enjoy Leavenworth. It's more fun when there's snow on the ground, though, from everything the folks there told us when we were there a few years back.

Take care and be safe.

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

I tried to get that bug off my computer screen before I read your last sentence...LOL. Cost of gas is ridiculous -- esp with the companies showing a 50-60% profit. Enjoy the peace & quiet. Happy B-day to Carol.

Sue and Doug said...

well happy birthday to Carol, tomorrow!!!...hope she has a good one!!