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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Odds and Ends on the Road

Today we took a nice ride up to Chelan, WA.  Chelan is a small city on the east side of Lake Chelan.  The lake was originally formed by a dam built in 1892 and upgraded and modernized several times since.  Originally, the dam was built for flood control and irrigation and in 1927 a Powerhouse was added to generate electricity.

We also visited several public parks, some were state, others were county and one was city.  Interestingly enough, all had one thing in common….


Tennis Courts!  Yes, almost each park we visited had tennis courts.  Interestingly enough, every park was in great condition, lawns mowed, facilities clean and in good repair, etc..


Also, the play equipment in each park was also in great shape.

Our weather today did not follow the forecast.  First, overnight we had one thunderstorm with mostly wind and some rain.  Probably lasted about 15 minutes or so.  Also the snow that was forecast did not make an appearance at all.  And again today, the sky has been sunny with some large buildups, bot overall a very nice day.

Tomorrow we move to Cashmere for a few days.  We could not get a spot here on the weekend, but will probably return on Sunday and stay until Thursday.

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Donna K said...

Sounds like you two are having a good time. I read Carol's post about the parks and they sound really good. Love the Pacific Northwest - now if it would just stop raining!!

What is the name of that park you stayed at on your way home from CA? We stayed at 7 Feathers again but it is just too expensive for an overnight and their internet is LOUSY! Couldn't remember where you stayed.