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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Cold Day in H#$@

Last night it got down to 39 degrees in Wenatchee!  That’s cold for this time of year.  And while today was overcast most of the day, it at least made it into the high 50s.  Tonight is supposed to be cold again with possible snow showers!

This morning we went over to Cashmere, about 10 miles away.  This little city is home to Aplets and Cotlets, a kind of fruit based sweet treat.  You can read all about them by clicking here.  We had visited this factory many years ago and took the free tour.  Unfortunately, this is their low season and they don’t give tours until about July-November. 

While there, we also checked out the Chelan county fairgrounds for RV camping.  We have to move on Friday somewhere because Confluence state park is booked (the Apple Blossom Festival is this coming weekend) and we thought the fair grounds would work.  They have lots of sites, all with water, 50 amp, and sewer as well as Wi-Fi.  So we went to the office and reserved the weekend.  We will probably come back to the state park for Sunday through Thursday.

After lunch we made a quick visit to Wal-Mart and a Sports Outlet looking for a mirror and water bottle holder for Carol’s new bike.  Her wrists bother her after riding with hand brakes, so a week ago we went to Camping World and bought a traditional bike with coaster brakes that also folds up.  So now she can fit it in the back of the car which will protect it from the weather.

Interestingly enough, the day after we bought it, we received a flyer from CW with the bike on sale at a price $30 less than we paid.  So we trekked back to CW and got a credit for the difference.

So when we came back after our errand and lunch, I mounted the new bike accessories.  Then we went for a 6 mile bike ride and saw the  Funtastic folks setting up the Carnival area for the weekend.  Ron and Ali, blog friends of ours, work with Funtastic last year but are now doing another job in Texas.  I was tempted to stop and ask if these guys know Ron & Ali, but they all looked pretty busy and probably would not have had the time to talk.

Back at the RV, the clouds are thickening and the temp is getting colder.  I may BBQ tonight if it is not too cold.  We will see if it snows tonight!

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Russ Krecklow said...

I can sympathize with you, Dave. Last night it got down to 32 here at Hat Creek, but it was sunny again today. The sun trumps the cold every time! Happy travels to you and Carol.