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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bothell or Bust!

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a fairly easy day.  We looked at some RV lots up in Surfside on Tuesday just for fun.  These lots have hookups (most do) and you can take your RV there for a vacation trip.  Surfside is up near the top (northern edge) of the Long Beach, WA peninsula.  On Wednesday, we drove back up to Surfside to visit the office of the homeowner’s association.

Well, as they say, there’s good news and bad news…..First the good: The HOA fees are only $497 annually and that includes water, garbage (you take it free to their disposal center) and security (They contract with the sheriff to provide a deputy for their area.  Now the bad….some lots, including one of the good ones we looked at, have restrictions on how long you can put an RV on it each year.  The rule is you can have it full time from May through September and then a total of 60 days from October through April, no more than 21 at any one time.

That restriction seems really arbitrary to me and frankly is a show stopper.  I don’t want to own property that I cant use whenever I want it.  So that restricts us to only looking at lots that don’t have that restriction.

Ideally, this would be a great deal for 2-3 families to go in and split the costs.

After that, we went to McDonalds so Carol could use their free wifi.

Woke up this morning and it was very cold – below freezing!  Actually had a small block of ice on the base of my extender antenna!

We left the park about 9:20 and headed up 101 to SR107 to SR12 to SR8 to another section of 101 to I5 and north to Bothell.  We left the park under mostly clear skies (but cold!) and by the time we got to Bothell, it had already showered on us a few time – just enough to mess up the car.

We arrived at Lake Pleasant RV park about 2:30.  Our car was dirty so I washed it here (it is allowed in this park!).  We have great cell service and there is free wifi, but only 1hr per day.  Otherwise you have to pay for it.  I’ll stick with my cell tether program.

Tonight we hope to hook up with our younger son, maybe for dinner.  At least to unload his belongings from our car – it is full!


Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

We're with you -- not going to pay for something that has rules on when I can be there:( Hope you have a nice visit with your son and get rid of "his stuff"

Donna K said...

I agree with you...those time restrictions seem rather arbitrary.

Doesn't it seem late for ice, snow and temperatures below freezing? Or maybe my patience is just thin this year!

Have a nice visit with your son.