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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, it has been a few weeks since we were on the road, but as of today, we are back at it.  And a lot has happened since the last blog post, so let me see if I can update you….

First, I finished up my major project at home where we park the RV.  I wanted to get some trees out of the way (7 each about 30’ tall) and replace the dirt where they were with gravel.  Also wanted to run a 50amp electrical service to the RV so that I would not need to use extension cords anymore.  It is much nicer now and I don’t have to worry about the tree branches and sap getting on the rig and there’s no concern about the electrical cords on the ground having their plugs freeze and then short out.  The last step in the project was to place 2 yards of gravel in the area.  It turned out really well.

If you have been following Carol’s blog, you know that we now have our first grandchild, a girl named Sophie Peace.  I’m not going to replicate all that Carol has on her blog, but if you haven’t kept up on this story, you can visit her blog by clicking here.

During our “down time,” I also managed to do a number of maintenance tasks on the RV.  It seems like I always have a list of things needing attention and that it is so much larger than our old RV.  But when you consider all features this one has, the list really isn’t so large.  So here are the highlights:

1)  Our toilet would not keep water in the bowl.  It would last maybe an hour or so and then all drain out.  I gave the plastic flapper plate and the surrounding rubber seal a good cleaning and it has held water for over a week now, so I think that one is fixed.

2)  There were many rusted spots on the tow bar.  I wire brushed them off and spray painted them with Rustoleum.  I also sprayed the non-painted surfaces with Silicon spray to try to keep them from rusting.  When we arrived here today, the tow bar was much easier to work with, so I judge that project a success too.

3)  Our right side refrigerator door had the nasty habit of coming open during sharp left turns.  I tried to adjust the striker plate and think I may have fixed it.  We drove 288 miles today and it didn’t fly open, so I judge that one a qualified success.

There were about 8 other minor things I fixed and so far all those seem OK.  Also, to report on a previous fix, you may recall the problem we had with our outside cabinet doors opening while in motion.  I wrote quite extensively on the fix for those, and I have put almost 1,000 miles on them and can say that this fix is done.

Now to the current day….We had planned to leave yesterday for a trip to the Wenatchee area.  Unfortunately, Sunday afternoon my laptop died hard.  The video chip on the board would work for about 5 seconds and then go black as it warmed up.  I had noticed the last few weeks that the screen was not as bright, but thought it was not a big deal.  Well it was.  So instead of leaving yesterday, we made an emergency trip to Fry’s so I could replace t.  It used to take me about 20 hours to load all my software.  Most of it was related to work and included Oracle databases, tools, and all kinds of developer tools.  Now that I am retired, I  don’t need to load these and it only took about 5 hours to get it all going.

We left home at 9 this morning and arrived at Wenatchee Confluence Park a few minutes after 3pm.  It was mostly an easy drive except for a few rain showers and wind gusts.

2011-04-26 16.53.05

Above is a picture out our window.  The Wenatchee River flows into the Columbia River right at the park.  As you can see, it is a real pretty day, though somewhat windy.

There are three young guys in the next site up from ours.  We were hearing loud music and were worried that they would be playing all night.  But while I was cleaning the car, one of them came over to introduce himself and tell me that if there music bothered us, to let them know.  He was extremely polite.  I mentioned that we probably wouldn’t have any problem unless it was after quiet hours (10pm).  His response was that he didn’t think they’d even be up that late!

This encounter gives one hope for the next generations!

Even more weird…..he is a senior at Archbishop Murphy HS over in Everett, WA.  He did play on their football team and played in the state semi-final championship game in 2009 that was in the Tacoma Dome – the same game I refereed!  Small world.


Erik's RV Blog said...


When the screen goes dim like that likely it's the inverter going bad, not the video chip. These inverters cost on average about 10 bucks and typically aren't hard to replace. If you'd like to get the laptop repaired let me know.


Donna K said...

WOW Dave, you have been busy. I have followed Carol's posts on the new granddaughter and she is precious. The place you are in now looks like a nice spot. Hope you have a grand time....with no loud music!!

Kiersten said...

I'm glad you were able to get back on the road for a bit. We need to get our map up and running so Sophie still knows where you are! We'll keep her occupied until you return. :)

I am so happy to hear that you have neighborly neighbors! That was a very nice story.

Thanks for keeping us posted, Grandpa!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

It's nice to be able to make RV repairs husb is pretty handy that way as well & it saves a LOT when you can stay on top of things before you HAVE to. Yes, little Sophie is precious & probably has her Grandparents wrapped around her little finger already -- just like it should be! Love the pic of your new spot...impressed with the young neighbor! Enjoy!