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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We are selling the RV and buying an Ark!

Yes, that’s right…..with all the rain, I’m thinking an ark might be a wise move.  Or maybe I will just by a set of large pontoons for our Bounder.  Might just work!

Today, it has been raining all day.  Carol went down by the jetty (about two miles from here) and was able to get a signal on her cell phone strong enough to check email, browse, and post her blog.  There are actually several places in the park where cell is available, just none in the actual campground portion.

We went into Long Beach for lunch at McDonald’s mainly because they have free wifi.  So we were able to get online and Carol was able to get her downloads of various podcasts too.  We tried that McDonald’s on a previous trip and the signal was really weak.  But it appears that they have done something to strengthen it because today it was very strong.

While there, I downloaded an app for my cell phone that monitors wifi signals and tells you which networks are available wherever you are.  It also tells you if they are secured and the signal strength at that exact spot.  This should be helpful when we travel too.

Hopefully, tomorrow will bring better weather.  Stay tuned!


Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Hope you get a reprieve from all the rain soon -- it's heading our way tomorrow (NC).

Sue and Doug said...

raining here too!..geesh..try and stay dry!!

Donna K said...

If the animals start coming two by two, it's time to get out of there!