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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sleepless, but not in Seattle

For some reason, just didn’t sleep well last night.  As a result, I’m tired today.  And since tonight starts daylight savings time, I’ll lose another hour tonight!

This morning we went to a library book sale in Port Townsend.  We used GyPSy to help us find the library only to get there and find out that the sale was at the Community Center.   So GyPSy had to find that location too.  Fortunately, she was easily up to the task.

At the sale, I found 3 books by W.E.B. Griffin.  I’m collecting his books (he has about 40 or so) and I have quite a few.  I actually carry a list of which ones I have and which I need to get so that when we go to sales, I only get the ones I need.  They had 6 of his, but I already had 3 of them.  But getting 3 more for the collection was a great find!

Then we went over to Point Hudson on the eastern most tip of Port Townsend.  Parked with a view over the water and Carol was able to connect to their wifi so she could view her blogs.

We had lunch at Bayview Restaurant in Port Townsend and got a corner table right on the water.  Tried to get pictures out the window but they didn’t turn out.  After lunch we drove all over Fort Flagler.

We finally had a day where we could get some pictures.  Here is one of the batteries at the fort.  Each battery had two 4 or 5 inch guns aimed in concert with Fort Casey and Fort Worden to completely cover the inlet to Puget Sound.  On this battery the left gun still has its blast shield in place.2011-03-12 14.22.25

This is a view across Admiralty Inlet to Whidbey Island.  2011-03-12 13.22.34

This view is back at our RV out to the west and you can see the dark clouds that are slowly coming our way.  We went for a short walk around all the sites in the park and managed to beat the rain.   2011-03-12 15.02.56

This is the view in the other direction (northeast) and you can see quite a contrast.2011-03-12 15.03.01

Here we managed to look out over some of the RV sites while the sun was out.  Sites in this park are all fairly spacious.2011-03-12 15.03.11

Here is another view more towards the south.  There aren’t too many RVs here this weekend.  For us though, the $6 camping fee is a real bargain!  (have to be a WA resident 62 years or older to get that winter rate!)2011-03-12 15.03.14 Here is a great picture of Carol as she is taking pictures of Port Townsend across the water (1.85 miles away). 2011-03-12 15.04.14 Here are two pictures of the beach right behind our RV.  We have a short 50 foot path from our site to this beach.  Lots of driftwood has washed up over the years.2011-03-12 15.04.34  2011-03-12 15.04.48

Here is a panorama of Port Townsend across the water (be sure to click on the picture to enlarge). 2011-03-12 15.05.09

After our walk, we came in to do our internet browsing and blog preparations.  Using our WiFi extender, I was able to get a clean 2-bar signal from the Port Hudson RV park, almost 2 miles away!  That has to be a record for the longest distance to get WiFi.  Carol is now using that device to do her internet work.

We also heard this morning from our son, Jonathan.  He graduates from the Washington State Patrol Academy as a Trooper on Wednesday and called to let us know there will be an open house at the academy on Tuesday.  So we are changing our plans a bit and will go to Olympia on Monday (there goes my plans for golf – which would have probably been rained out anyway).  Then we can go to the open house on Tuesday, graduation on Wednesday, and home on Thursday.


Judy and Emma said...

$6/night is a real bargain. Too bad for me, that it's only for WA residents. :(

Sue and Doug said...

$6 a that is a real bargain and with views like that..perfection!!!

John and Ellen said...

I am impressed with your WiFi extender. Also congratulations to your son concerning his upcoming graduation! Enjoyed the pictures too, looks like a beautiful area.


Russ Krecklow said...

We love to see those pictures of the Sound. Love that area. We enjoy going over to Gig Harbor and Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island. There are a lot of interesting things to see up there. Thanks for sharing.