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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Raising the Flag at Flagler

We journeyed from home about 209 miles to Fort Flagler State Park.  We were a little unsure about leaving because there was a severe weather alert for wind.  The forecast was for gusts of up to 55mph which is a bit strong!  Fortunately, the wind was forecast to be right on our tail most of the way (helps with the mileage no doubt!) and I don’t think it ever got all that strong.

Between Chehalis and Hoodsport I noticed that the wind was pretty strong and it made for a bit of work.  But other than that, it really was not a factor.  We did have rain most of the way and it was often pretty heavy.

We made good time on the trip stopping in a rest area for lunch and a quickie stop later for a potty break.  We left home at 10:05 and arrived at 2:55 so even with our stops, we made good time.

When we arrived I pulled into the site head on so that we would have a good view of the water.  While my power (+ extension) and hose would reach, my sewer was about 5’ short.  So we had to put the RV in the correct way which cost us the great view from the front window.  We still have a view out the side, but won’t see as many ships.

It is too dark now to get any pictures but maybe I can get some tomorrow if it is not raining.

For those of you who remember the problems we had with our fridge, that was fixed earlier this week.  After putting the repair person through some runarounds, they agreed to cover the entire cost of the cooling unit replacement (about $2200).  The new unit is working well and will hopefully hold up!


Donna K said...

Looking forward to those pictures from both you and Carol. Enjoy your trip and so glad you didn't have to pay for those frig repairs!!

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

At first when I read Flagler, I thought you guys were now in Florida and we might be able to meet up but then I realized you guys were still in Washington.

Safe travels!

Judy and Emma said...

I think Fort Flagler is a great place! :)