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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Day, another half inch!

Yup it was raining again Wednesday night.  It had stopped about 2:30 in the afternoon and that allowed us to get out for a good long walk around the campgrounds.  We really needed the exercise and it felt good getting out.

We went out to dinner at a relatively new place in Long Beach called the Lost Roo.  It has an Australian theme and fairly good food.  Not too expensive either.  And more importantly, they have free wifi!  I’m going to take a risj and post some pics.  Here is one I found of a customer using the free wifi to read blogs of other RVers.  Actually, this is Carol taking advantage of the great setup we had.    2011-03-30 18.33.08

It rained and the wind blew in the night again.  But by morning, it was only rain which lessened as the day went on.  In the afternoon it pretty much quit all together and we tried to go down to walk on the beach.  I say tried, because the paths down the 8 foot Cliffside to the beach all washed out, possibly during the tsunami.  Here are some pics of that area. 2011-03-31 14.49.56 2011-03-31 14.50.00 2011-03-31 14.50.04 2011-03-31 14.50.09 2011-03-31 14.50.16 2011-03-31 14.50.21

You can see the large pieces of driftwood that have washed up.  Most of these are really heavy and it gives you some idea of the power of the waves that pushed them up over the 8 foot cliff and onto the dunes behind the beach.

Since we could not walk down to the beach, we elected to walk along the campground entry road for awhile. 

Tomorrow we are moving out of this park and into one in Long Beach for two nights.  I will be leaving Carol there with the RV and heading home for a meeting and to help our younger son as he retrieves some of his items to be moved into his new apartment.  I’ll return Sunday afternoon after a meeting and then move the RV back here to Cape Disappointment.  Hopefully our new site will have better cell coverage.


Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

WOW, that IS a lot of big driftwood...scary. It has rained here (NC) the last two days...we're ready for some sunshine! Be careful in your travels.

Donna K said...

Looks kinda rough Dave. Glad you didn't attempt to make it clear down to teh beach. Take care.