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Monday, February 14, 2011

Who moved my Sun?

OK, who took it?  It was there yesterday and for the past 20 days, but now someone took it.  I’d like it returned, please.

OK, so it wasn’t really stolen, but after so many days of great weather, that’s what it feels like.  Actually, I think God is just transitioning us, or easing us, into the weather back home in Vancouver, WA, which is currently horrible.

We have had short periods of rain today with an overcast sky.  The rain doesn’t last for long nor is it heavy at all, but it does change your plans for outside activities.

Yesterday we took a nice walk along the beach for roughly 2 miles.  Walking on sand is a bit tougher than sidewalks, especially if the sand is dry and soft.  Today we took a walk around the RV park between showers.

We only have three more full days left here.  We will leave Friday and start for home, stopping in Monterey, Corning (both in CA) and Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, OR.

I did finally sign up for an account on Facebook today.  As I told one of my nieces when she commented “Finally” that now since I am retired and have nothing to do except wait for my Social Security check each month, I have time for Facebook.  Also, after hearing how successful the Egyptians were using it to start a revolution, I thought I might use it here for one.  We’ll see (Note: to the National Security Agency…I’m just kidding!  Really, no seriously, it is just a joke.  Really.)

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Donna K said...

Good thing you have an'll be on the "no-fly" list for sure now!! It was rainy and VERY windy here is Eugene today...I imagine it's as bad or worse in Vancouver. Have fun on your journey...sent an email to Carol about Corning.