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Sunday, February 20, 2011

We’re in Oakland!

We left Corning this morning around 9 or so in clear weather.  A bit cold (30 degrees) but a vivid blue sky with clouds in the distance over the mountains.  We traversed the mountain passes with no problems.  There was some new snow on the ground off to the side of the road, but the driving surface was dry and clean so no problems. 

We had lunch at a rest area just 11 miles south of the Oregon border.  It is one of our favorite rest areas because it is not crowded and in the mountains.  Southbound you reenter the freeway at the base of a long steep climb so that can be a bit taxing, but northbound is pretty easy.

We decided that since we were making such good time we’d forgo stopping for the night at Seven Feathers and press on for another 50 miles near Oakland, OR.  There is an RV park here with all the basic amenities (wifi, 50amp, sewer, paved sites, etc.) called Rice Hill RV park.  It is on a number of discount plans including our half price one, so we can stay here for $16 using Camp Club USA.  (Seven Feathers is over $30 so we saved $$$).

Tomorrow we will have only 170 miles or so to go which will be good because after driving about 1,000 miles in the past few days, we will get home early in the day and can unload without getting totally worn out. 

Right now it apparently is snowing or about to snow at home.  Tomorrow, however, the weather will be partly cloudy to sunny which will make unloading easier.  Yes, after 7 weeks, we have a lot to unload!

Then we will be have dinner with our son Tim and his wife Kiersten (and granddaughter to be, as yet unnamed).  It will be good catching up with them.

This cartoon is one I’m going to share with our friends when they ask about where we were and why we went and those types of questions:


Be sure you click on it to enlarge it so you can easily read it.

And yes, we are already planning our future trips!


Donna K said...

Glad you made it safely over the pass. We are in Coalinga and counting off the days to getting into "Therapy." We enjoyed some yummy Jelly Bellys while we were driving today...thanks again.

What is that discount card you mentioned? Don't think I have heard of that one. We joined Good Sam but am always on the lookout for discounts. Happy travels to you and Carol.

Kiersten said...

We're looking forward to dinner - and definitely bringing our "player to be named later." Glad you are so close to being home! Stay safe!!

Russ Krecklow said...

I'm a little behind on my reading, but hope you made it home safe by now. We'll be picking up our Lazy Daze on the 24th. Hope the weather improves in Eugene by the time we're back there. Heard they have some snow right now.

God Bless.