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Friday, February 18, 2011

Weather or Not!

Yesterday (Thursday) evening we went to dinner at the Splash Cafe in downtown Pismo Beach.  We went there the first night we arrived, exactly 4 weeks ago, and according to Carol, it truly does have the best clam chowder on the planet.  So it was a fitting bookend to our trip.

Last night it rained on and off along with some periodic winds.  This morning, we had some showers and winds, but nothing major.  Before leaving, I drove around some the south side of the park making a note of sites that would be good for satellite next time we come.  (Yes, we are already planning the next visit!)

Then after breakfast we headed out, leaving our fond park about 8:45 or so.  We headed up 101 till just south of Salinas and then cut over to the coast and Monterey.  We are staying in the county fair RV park.  Nice enough for one night, but cramped and if it were at all crowded, would be a real trick to park.

After lunch we went for a drive north to check out where our niece lives so we could be sure to find it tonight.  We used Gipsy (GPSy), the app on my phone to navigate us there and it did a good job.  Then we visited the Marina Dunes RV Park to scout it out.   Looks like some sites there would work for us if we ever needed them. 

Then we drove down to Pebble Beach and the 17 mile drive.  The drive is very scenic and now costs $9.50 for a car to drive on.  It used to be free.  Fortunately, we told them we were going to check out Pebble Beach for a future stay, and they let us in free and even gave us the brochure for the drive.  You can check out the area by clicking here.

If you clicked above, you can see that it is very scenic.  Today was not good weather for pictures so you’ll have to be content with those from the tourist bureau.

Tonight we will visit Laura and her boyfriend and then tomorrow we head for Corning, 262 miles away from here.  If all goes well, we will meet up with Donna and Russ as they travel from Eugene, OR to Montclair, CA to get their new Lazy Daze RV.  Hopefully the timing will work out to meet another set of fellow bloggers!  You can find there blog at Travels in Therapy.

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Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Have never been to the West Coast -- reading your posts & seeing the pics makes us want to head that way. Continue to be safe on your journey.