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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wandering Around

Today we took a drive down highway 101 just to visit Los Alamos and whatever else we ran into.  Los Alamos (the one in CA, not NM) is a small sleepy town, that can best be described as a town time forgot.  While most buildings need some maintenance, overall the town appears with its own charm, frozen in time.


In the center of the crossing of main streets, there is a small monument labeled with only 1918 and the flagpole above.  This is a monument to the soldiers from World War 1.


There is a nice county park on the outskirts of town and it has these trees with really interesting branches.  They twist and turn every which way and all appear quite strong.  Probably a great climbing tree or one for a tree house, no doubt.


After leaving Los Alamos, we went about 15 miles further south east, and headed to Los Olivos.  This is wine and olive country.  The main street is full of wineries and they all are open for tasting.  I’m sure if you visited every one of them and sampled, by the time you got done, you’d need a designated driver for sure!

There was a store that featured items for your yard, including these huge wind chimes.  The one pictured here is actually about 8 feet long and makes a really mellow sound.  Your wallet would make a similar sound if you purchased it though, since it costs $1,595IMG_8967

Even here, there is the WWI monument in the middle of the main traffic arteries.


After Los Olivos, we drove the 6 miles or so over to Solvang and had lunch.  Then we visited a bakery to treat ourselves to tasty √©clairs and then we headed back to the RV for a bit.

While at the RV, my older son, Tim, IM’d me about an airport nearby.  He is interested in flying someday, but for now does it virtually online (more on that another day too).  I was a private pilot (2,300+ hours, IFR) and owned several different planes for awhile (C-172, C-182, C-210, etc.).  Tim has always been interested in flying, so we went down to this airport, about 5 miles away, and took pictures for him.

It is the Oceano Airport.  Here is a picture of the entry gate.


Here is the fueling area and transient parking.  We noticed a lack of airplanes anywhere around here, though one did a touch-and-go before we drove up.


They have a little room called the pilot’s lounge.  You can work on your flight plan and listen in on the aircraft radio there.


There are also some comfy chairs.


No self-respecting pilot lounge would be complete without a bulletin board to post notices, adds, etc.  Here is an airplane, almost identical to the first one I owned in 1973.


To park your airplane on the ramp, it is $10 per night.  And for $10 more per night, you can use their adjacent campground.


They do have a nice modern fueling station for avgas.


This airport also has noise abatement procedures and, according to Tim, is one of the few with a “notice to airmen” (NOTAM) to lookout for kites! IMG_8995

Many of the parking spaces are labeled with aircraft designators like P38, MD80, B17, C150, F4U, B747, etc.  Kind of cute.   IMG_8996

So Tim, when you buy your plane and learn to fly it, you can fly down and visit us when we are in our “winter residence” at Pismo Coast Village!   


Tim said...

Sounds good to me. Now you just need to pass the plates... -Tim

Sue and Doug said...

$1595 for a set of wind chimes??..I think we will pass on that purchase!