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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow White…….


2011-02-24 08.46.00

Yup, that’s what we woke up to this morning.  About 2 or maybe even 2.5 inches of snow!  Not enough to be a real problem driving or anything, but it may be down in the teens the next few days and that could freeze it solid. 2011-02-24 08.46.04 2011-02-24 08.46.08

For that reason, I just spent about 30 minutes shoveling off our driveway and sidewalk.  Then if it does freeze, it won’t ice up those areas and we can get in and out.

Our RV is over having the fridge repaired.  It looks like it is a very minor problem with improper insulation after a recall was done.  It was fixed yesterday and they are testing it today.  Hopefully we can get it back home this afternoon before everything gets real cold.  While I do have chains for it, I really don’t want to use them!

Everyone out there, drive safe!


Gail Durham said...

We have snow here also, hurry up Spring~~~~~~

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Thank goodness no snow here -- it's nice to look at, but...we are ready for warmer weather -- not hot, not mosquitoes but warm:)

Donna K said...

Glad we got out of there before that hit. Had some in Eugene too. I love to see it so sorry I missed it but would rather be doing what we are doing. Stay warm.

tom said...