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Friday, February 4, 2011

Signs of the Times

Yesterday we went for a long walk into town.  Visited some streets we had not walked before and both came back tired from the walk.  For dinner, we went with some friends to Gina’s, a small Italian place in Arroyo Grande. 

Over the past 37 years, I have been doing consulting for a school district in Southern California.  Debbie was one of my key contacts at the district and she just retired last July.  She and her husband Bill drove up for the weekend from Downey and came over to the RV before we went out to dinner.

Today we went for a walk on a costal trail just north of Shell Beach.  It wasn’t long, maybe just 1.2 miles or so, but very hilly.  On the way back to the car on the path, we met a lady going the other way who mentioned that there were seals and otters and other aquatic life down the cliffs.  Interestingly enough, she was carrying a marijuana joint in her hand getting ready to light it, I suppose.  She was very casual about it and I guess it is so common for her that she didn’t think anything of it.

Here are a couple of shots taken from the path we walked so you can see the great views we enjoyed.

2011-02-04 13.02.44 2011-02-04 13.04.07After the walk, we went to a park in Shell Beach and enjoyed a picnic lunch.  Later tonight, we are going to meet Debbie & Bill in town for dinner.  We are close enough here that we can walk to meet them, so we will get a bit more exercise.

Now, here is a random collection of ironic signs for a change of pace.  I suspect they need no words to describe them.  Pick your favorite!  (If you can’t read them, be sure to click on them to enlarge.)

bird church  gate  outback pshcyic  write


Donna K said...

You are too funny...where did you find all those signs? Well, thanks for the laugh. Glad your frig problem seems to be solved.

Carol K said...

My favorite is the first sign.