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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Last chance

Today is our last full day here before we leave and head to Monterey tomorrow.  We had a stormy night and periods of rain and wind today, but nothing constant.

Carol is off doing some last minute shopping to make sure we have supplies for the trip home and for when we get home.  It will be different living at home after almost 2 months in the RV.

When I get home, I’ll be having some time with my fellow football officials and probably playing some local golf.  Also have some things I want to do the RV, either maintenance or enhancements.  We are probably going out on the road again for just a few days probably sometime in March.

We will be going out to dinner tonight and then heading out tomorrow.  There is a wind advisory for winds of up to 50mph which can make driving an RV somewhat exciting.  Fortunately, we are primarily heading north and the wind comes from the south, so it should only be a minor factor.

After we get to Monterey, we will probably explore a bit before dinner.  Then Saturday we hope to make it to Corning so we can transit Siskiyou Summit on Sunday.  On both Saturday and Monday, the mountains are supposed to get snow while Sunday is partly cloudy.  So hopefully our luck will hold and we can sneak through during the good weather break.

Carol is already talking about getting another share here someday so we could have even more days here.  Next year we are planning to spend January and February here, so if we wanted to come back another time during the year, we either need to cut that short or get another share.  We’ll see.

Here’s a Ziggy cartoon that made me laugh.  If only it weren’t so true!



John and Ellen said...

Great cartoon Dave! Just curious, what is the mileage between your home and Pismo Beach?


Raider Dave said...

901.5 miles according to the GPS if we don't make any detours.