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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Goofy Golf

Today I played golf again.  Didn’t shoot very well.  Actually mostly poor shots and really had to work at getting a decent score.  Going into the last hole, I actually was tied with my best score on this course, but only had one shot all day that was any good.  All the rest were poor and only saved because I can putt reasonably well.  Of course took a double bogey on last hole which really wacked the score.

Here is a picture of my one (and just about only) decent tee shot all day.  If you look real hard, to the right of the flag, you’ll see the ball about 3-4 feet from the pin.  (Phone cams don’t do it justice).

2011-02-10 11.38.36

After I returned, Carol and I walked to town to have lunch at Brad’s.  It was a bit windy, but sunny of course, so we ate on the patio.  At first, it was a bit cold, but they have outdoor propane tower heaters and once they turned those on, it was quite nice. 

On the walk back, we went through the north side of the park.  There is a class A RV there with the “Jelly Belly paint job.”   2011-02-10 14.41.38 2011-02-10 14.42.16

Not sure who this really is or what their connection to JB is, but if we seem them out and around, we will have to ask.  Maybe free samples?

Also did some maintenance tasks – lubed the jacks and exercised them a bit.  Also worked unsuccessfully on some other tasks that will have to wait until I get home for final resolution.  Our fridge is still acting up, so will hopefully get a warranty service replacement cooling unit when we get home.

Last night, I spent about an hour and a half on the computer watching my son Tim as he did virtual flying.  There are thousands of virtual pilots all over the world who fly with flight simulator programs and all connect to each other.  They also have virtual air traffic controllers with virtual radar screens and they actually do interact and control the virtual pilots using real world weather and locations and routings.

If you are a pilot or a pilot wannabe, this is really fun.  Tim is up in Tigard, Oregon, just south of Portland and I am in Pismo Beach CA.  Yet I saw his screen and heard his audio calls and controller responses real time.  It was way cool.  I’m going to look into getting the simulator program myself and trying it out.  It would be way cheaper than a $75,000+ Cessna! 

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Donna K said...

Love the Jelly Belly bus. Maybe they're headed down to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Museum!! I used to play around with Microsoft's Flight Simulator but that was many years ago when computers were not as sophisticated as they are now. I was never any good!!