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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chillin? Yep, now we’re chillin….

Well, things got off to a rocky start today.   Our dry ice worked fine overnight and seemed to keep everything nice and cold.  We were scheduled to take the RV over across the street to have the diagnostic checks done at 9am, so we got up real early (6:30am) and got everything ready.  Of course, we were ready by 8am!  That's usual for us though.  We are always early. 

We have a few quirky things like always being early.  I also have a parking angel – always seem to find parking spots up real close to our destination and that drives Carol crazy as to why I am so lucky there.  Also whenever we go into a business, like a cafe, that has no customers, soon the place is mobbed.  We seem to drag them in some how. (Note:If you have a struggling business and need our help, our rates are reasonable.)

Anyway, back to the main story.  At 8:40 the repair place called and rescheduled us to 11am.  So now we were really early!  Bummer!We hung around for a bit, off loaded some items into another fridge and then I took the rig across the street at 10:45.

Went back to meet Carol at the clubhouse and spent an hour or so reading some library books on my Droid phone. (that's another topic for a future blog post).  Then we went to lunch where I received a call that the manager at the RV repair place was ready to give me the news personally.  (that didn’t sound good.)

So after lunch, we went over and found that the unit was working just fine!  The manager did the diagnostics himself and was in contact with Norcold back in Ohio.  Of course, Norcold was operating on a skeleton crew with phones that were not stable.  But he was able to get enough info to meet the need.  The theory is that the unit warms up the fluid and it goes up into the cooling coils.  Except on our 4 door model, there is a known problem with the cooling system not being robust enough.  Sometimes it forms a bubble which is removed either by turning the unit off for a while which allows the fluid to settle back in the tank removing the bubble, or driving and having the RV bounce a bit which over time will settle the bubble.  He suggested that once every 3 or 4 weeks, when we go to bed, we just turn it off and then turn it back on first thing in the morning.  Sounds a bit wacky to me, but we will see if it works.  At least it is working real well right now and that is what counts!

He will still contact Norcold to see what a permanent fix is.  Norcold has a bad reputation about supporting their units so they may not do much.  (In which case I shall blast them all over the place on the net!)  But he things there is a 50-50 chance they will agree that this is a weak unit and since it is so new, it needs replacing.

We are also looking at replacing it entirely with a residential type unit.  We would lose the option to run it on propane, but I have a 2000 watt inverter I could setup to run it while we are on the road.  Plus the residential units weigh so much less and are much more reliable.  If it can be done without too much modification and the unit could take the bouncing that occurs in an RV, we may just do it.   Others have and have reported good results.  If you are one of these that has done it, I’d appreciate your dropping me a note on when you did it, who did it, what unit you used, and how it has held up.

Lastly, I want to take note of all you who are followers of this blog.  I appreciate your interest in reading along.  I don’t usually have time to read blogs, but Carol does and she follows many of them avidly.  When she comes across something she thinks might interest me, she points it out.  So I follow many blogs vicariously with her help.  So if you are a follower here, again, thanks for coming along on the journey!


Sue and Doug said...

interesting bubble story! I am intrigued if you are going to install a residential unit..sounds like it may be the way to go!!

Judy and Emma said...

Carol has all the info on my installation, and I'm happy I did it. :)