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Monday, February 7, 2011

By the Lake

I started today out with a few minor maintenance items.  First, we have a media cabinet that has a door with hinges that were not staying screwed in.  Fixed that with longer, larger screws and a bit of wood glue.  Then went to work on the front brakes of my bike.

When I installed the Hilltopper, it comes with a new front wheel (tire + rim).  However the diameter of the new rim is slightly larger than the one replaced, so the brake would rub on it and that made it harder to pedal.  I was able to adjust the brake so that it allowed for the larger rim and now all is well.

Today was such a pretty day, we decided to take a picnic lunch to Lopez Lake, just about 15 miles from here.  When we had dinner with our friends Debbie & Bill on Thursday, he mentioned the lake and we decided to check it out.

The park has a $9 admission charge per vehicle.  A bit steep but we decided to give it a try anyway.  We drove all over the park and really checked it out.  Many of the campsites are full hookups and they have a lot of them.  They also have a marina where you can launch your boat or rent one.  Fishing is big on this lake.  Here is a picture of the lake from where we went to try and have lunch.   2011-02-07 12.26.34

I say we tried to have lunch because this spot was really windy, so we went to a more sheltered location.  After lunch, we drove around some and came across wild turkeys and many deer.  Carol took pictures of those, so visit her blog at  (She just got a new toy though, so she may not post for a while.)

Then we went to a day use parking area and sat on a bench overlooking the lake for about an hour.  I read my current electronic book on my phone while Carol worked on crosswords.  Here is the view from where we sat.

2011-02-07 11.45.11

The lake is at only 74% capacity and is usually down to less than 50% during the summer.  Since this is the prime source of drinking water for the 5 cities in the area, this is a real problem that will need to be addressed long term.

After leaving the park we decided to walk the main street of Arroyo Grande for some exercise.  While walking I noticed that many iron fixtures (Bike racks, railings, etc.) throughout the city were adorned with this cutout of horses pulling a stage coach.   2011-02-07 14.44.53

Turns out that this is their city logo and is featured on many things throughout the city.

Planning on playing some golf tomorrow as the weather should still be quite nice.  We’ve been here over two weeks (since Jan 21) already and only had 1 day of rain and that really was mostly in the early morning before sun-up.  So we are really enjoying these temps in the 70’s.

Don’t ask about my Super Bowl pick.  I’m sticking to my job as a blogger and leaving the sports picks to the guys in Vegas.


Donna K said...

What a beautiful spot to just sit and enjoy. Looking forward to seeing Carol's photos of the wild turkeys...and wondering about her new toy LOL!

Sue and Doug said...

great day in California!..wonder what Carol's new toy is? or camera??