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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Amongst New Friends

Last night we had a great meal at our niece Laura’s house.  She and her boyfriend Will, served a great lasagna with garlic bread and for desert a tasty red velvet cake.  We were lucky enough to take home some extra portions “for the road.”  They live with a third room mate on what used to be Fort Ord.  California State University at Monterey Bay is on the old military base and the ex-military housing is rented out.  It is good to see the continued use of these kinds of assets that the federal government spent so much money to develop. 

This morning we left Monterey about 8:30 and headed up highway 1 to Castroville and then cut inland to highway 101.  From there we went to San Jose and then up through Pleasanton.  After crossing the bridge at Martinez we stopped for lunch at the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield.  Bought some candy as gifts and then came on  up to Corning.

We had some rain showers on the way up but the closer we got to Corning, the better the weather improved.  It was only scattered clouds when we arrived, though there were some good sized buildups over the mountains.

Once here, we connected up with fellow bloggers Donna and Russ.  They are on their way down to Southern California to pick up their new RV.  So our timing worked out real well as we arrived here within an hour of each other.

We spent some time in our RV getting to know each other and then went to dinner at the buffet at Rolling Hills Casino.  The food was good, as usual, and it was really nice getting to meet and know Donna and Russ.  Since they are from Eugene, which is only a few hours from where we live in Vancouver, we may have the opportunity to do more camping with them in the future.

Tomorrow, it is on to Seven Feathers in Oregon!


Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

It's nice to travel & see & meet those we know and those we meet along the way. Be safe in your travels.

Donna K said...

We had a great time meeting you and Carol. And a great meal at the buffet. Travel safe and hope the pass is clear for you today.

Sue and Doug said...

you are getting closer to home!!! travels as you continue north!!

Donna K said...

Now, you're making me feel old! I was at Ft.Ord for Army Basic Training in 1964. The worst time was crawling through the dirt, under barbed wire, with machine guns firing tracers overhead, in the dark! The best time was a three day pass, where I got to visit Carmel and relax on the beach in the sun. For some reason, Ft.Ord seemed like it was always overcast! I think the Army planned it that way!!

comment by Russ using Donna's computer.