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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow White…….


2011-02-24 08.46.00

Yup, that’s what we woke up to this morning.  About 2 or maybe even 2.5 inches of snow!  Not enough to be a real problem driving or anything, but it may be down in the teens the next few days and that could freeze it solid. 2011-02-24 08.46.04 2011-02-24 08.46.08

For that reason, I just spent about 30 minutes shoveling off our driveway and sidewalk.  Then if it does freeze, it won’t ice up those areas and we can get in and out.

Our RV is over having the fridge repaired.  It looks like it is a very minor problem with improper insulation after a recall was done.  It was fixed yesterday and they are testing it today.  Hopefully we can get it back home this afternoon before everything gets real cold.  While I do have chains for it, I really don’t want to use them!

Everyone out there, drive safe!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home at Last

We arrived home yesterday afternoon right at lunch time and it has been a whirlwind here ever since!  First, of course, we had to get the house back up and running (water, heat, water heater, etcl.) and then begin the huge task of unloading the RV.  After a 6-7 week trip, there was a lot to unload!

It is going in for some service tomorrow on the refrigerator so we had to empty that too.  Then we went out to dinner with our older son and his wife to celebrate her upcoming birthday.  She also received all our mail while we were gone, so she brought that along.

This morning I got a haircut and then made some trips to the bank.  After that, I spent several hours wading through the mail and processing the bills for everything.

After lunch I did a workout on our treadmill.  Also started researching getting some stumps removed.  We had large evergreen bushes growing alongside where we park the RV and I had them cut down while we were gone.  Now I wanted the 7 stumps removed so I can level the area and put down some gravel. 

In doing my research via the yellow pages, one of the guys gave a decent price and will do it tomorrow morning.  So I had to scurry around and remove the bark chips from where the trees were so I can use it elsewhere.

Now I am finally done with all tasks and, as it is almost 4pm, I’m going to relax for the rest of the day.

Probably won’t update too often except as RV related items occur – maybe once every 3-5 days or so.  That is, until the next trip.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

We’re in Oakland!

We left Corning this morning around 9 or so in clear weather.  A bit cold (30 degrees) but a vivid blue sky with clouds in the distance over the mountains.  We traversed the mountain passes with no problems.  There was some new snow on the ground off to the side of the road, but the driving surface was dry and clean so no problems. 

We had lunch at a rest area just 11 miles south of the Oregon border.  It is one of our favorite rest areas because it is not crowded and in the mountains.  Southbound you reenter the freeway at the base of a long steep climb so that can be a bit taxing, but northbound is pretty easy.

We decided that since we were making such good time we’d forgo stopping for the night at Seven Feathers and press on for another 50 miles near Oakland, OR.  There is an RV park here with all the basic amenities (wifi, 50amp, sewer, paved sites, etc.) called Rice Hill RV park.  It is on a number of discount plans including our half price one, so we can stay here for $16 using Camp Club USA.  (Seven Feathers is over $30 so we saved $$$).

Tomorrow we will have only 170 miles or so to go which will be good because after driving about 1,000 miles in the past few days, we will get home early in the day and can unload without getting totally worn out. 

Right now it apparently is snowing or about to snow at home.  Tomorrow, however, the weather will be partly cloudy to sunny which will make unloading easier.  Yes, after 7 weeks, we have a lot to unload!

Then we will be have dinner with our son Tim and his wife Kiersten (and granddaughter to be, as yet unnamed).  It will be good catching up with them.

This cartoon is one I’m going to share with our friends when they ask about where we were and why we went and those types of questions:


Be sure you click on it to enlarge it so you can easily read it.

And yes, we are already planning our future trips!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Amongst New Friends

Last night we had a great meal at our niece Laura’s house.  She and her boyfriend Will, served a great lasagna with garlic bread and for desert a tasty red velvet cake.  We were lucky enough to take home some extra portions “for the road.”  They live with a third room mate on what used to be Fort Ord.  California State University at Monterey Bay is on the old military base and the ex-military housing is rented out.  It is good to see the continued use of these kinds of assets that the federal government spent so much money to develop. 

This morning we left Monterey about 8:30 and headed up highway 1 to Castroville and then cut inland to highway 101.  From there we went to San Jose and then up through Pleasanton.  After crossing the bridge at Martinez we stopped for lunch at the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield.  Bought some candy as gifts and then came on  up to Corning.

We had some rain showers on the way up but the closer we got to Corning, the better the weather improved.  It was only scattered clouds when we arrived, though there were some good sized buildups over the mountains.

Once here, we connected up with fellow bloggers Donna and Russ.  They are on their way down to Southern California to pick up their new RV.  So our timing worked out real well as we arrived here within an hour of each other.

We spent some time in our RV getting to know each other and then went to dinner at the buffet at Rolling Hills Casino.  The food was good, as usual, and it was really nice getting to meet and know Donna and Russ.  Since they are from Eugene, which is only a few hours from where we live in Vancouver, we may have the opportunity to do more camping with them in the future.

Tomorrow, it is on to Seven Feathers in Oregon!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Weather or Not!

Yesterday (Thursday) evening we went to dinner at the Splash Cafe in downtown Pismo Beach.  We went there the first night we arrived, exactly 4 weeks ago, and according to Carol, it truly does have the best clam chowder on the planet.  So it was a fitting bookend to our trip.

Last night it rained on and off along with some periodic winds.  This morning, we had some showers and winds, but nothing major.  Before leaving, I drove around some the south side of the park making a note of sites that would be good for satellite next time we come.  (Yes, we are already planning the next visit!)

Then after breakfast we headed out, leaving our fond park about 8:45 or so.  We headed up 101 till just south of Salinas and then cut over to the coast and Monterey.  We are staying in the county fair RV park.  Nice enough for one night, but cramped and if it were at all crowded, would be a real trick to park.

After lunch we went for a drive north to check out where our niece lives so we could be sure to find it tonight.  We used Gipsy (GPSy), the app on my phone to navigate us there and it did a good job.  Then we visited the Marina Dunes RV Park to scout it out.   Looks like some sites there would work for us if we ever needed them. 

Then we drove down to Pebble Beach and the 17 mile drive.  The drive is very scenic and now costs $9.50 for a car to drive on.  It used to be free.  Fortunately, we told them we were going to check out Pebble Beach for a future stay, and they let us in free and even gave us the brochure for the drive.  You can check out the area by clicking here.

If you clicked above, you can see that it is very scenic.  Today was not good weather for pictures so you’ll have to be content with those from the tourist bureau.

Tonight we will visit Laura and her boyfriend and then tomorrow we head for Corning, 262 miles away from here.  If all goes well, we will meet up with Donna and Russ as they travel from Eugene, OR to Montclair, CA to get their new Lazy Daze RV.  Hopefully the timing will work out to meet another set of fellow bloggers!  You can find there blog at Travels in Therapy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Last chance

Today is our last full day here before we leave and head to Monterey tomorrow.  We had a stormy night and periods of rain and wind today, but nothing constant.

Carol is off doing some last minute shopping to make sure we have supplies for the trip home and for when we get home.  It will be different living at home after almost 2 months in the RV.

When I get home, I’ll be having some time with my fellow football officials and probably playing some local golf.  Also have some things I want to do the RV, either maintenance or enhancements.  We are probably going out on the road again for just a few days probably sometime in March.

We will be going out to dinner tonight and then heading out tomorrow.  There is a wind advisory for winds of up to 50mph which can make driving an RV somewhat exciting.  Fortunately, we are primarily heading north and the wind comes from the south, so it should only be a minor factor.

After we get to Monterey, we will probably explore a bit before dinner.  Then Saturday we hope to make it to Corning so we can transit Siskiyou Summit on Sunday.  On both Saturday and Monday, the mountains are supposed to get snow while Sunday is partly cloudy.  So hopefully our luck will hold and we can sneak through during the good weather break.

Carol is already talking about getting another share here someday so we could have even more days here.  Next year we are planning to spend January and February here, so if we wanted to come back another time during the year, we either need to cut that short or get another share.  We’ll see.

Here’s a Ziggy cartoon that made me laugh.  If only it weren’t so true!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Surfs Up!

Cowabunga, dudes and dudettes!  We had a storm come through last night with periods of rain and gusts of wind.  It was strong enough to blow our bikes over.  Carol worried about the awning so she put that away. (Electric awnings are great!).  There was a severe weather alert for waves of 14-16 feet!  If I were a surfer, I guess I’d go out and ride them!


Yesterday we took a drive up See Canyon Road.  It is a windy road through the back hills of the area.  It is narrow, one lane in places, and is a dirt road for about 1-2 miles.  But it takes you through some apple orchards and then up to the top of one of the highest hills in the area for a great view.  It was a nice drive and afterwards we went to McDonalds so that Carol could try out her nook using their free wifi.  (worked great).

Before I forget, I wanted to add a note to a previous post.  On Monday we went over to AAA to get maps of the local area.  The AAA office is in San Luis Obispo and I used my GPS on my droid phone to navigate there.  This was an interesting experience.  There is a voice that warns you what to do:  “proceed north on highway 101 for 9 miles.” “Take exit 200A at Los Osos Road.”  “Take exit 200A in 800 feet.”  Etc.  Carol doesn’t like the voice at all.  I think it is because she thinks she is the only woman who should be telling me where to go! <g>

Anyway, the GPS application has some strange pronunciations.  For example, the street “Calle Joaquin” it pronounced “Kale Jockin.”  Very weird!

The sky is clearing a bit now and the wind & rain have abated.  Looks like we have some hours of good weather for awhile.  However rain is supposed to increase over the next few days.  All part of God’s plan to transition us to our weather at home (It snowed there today!)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Who moved my Sun?

OK, who took it?  It was there yesterday and for the past 20 days, but now someone took it.  I’d like it returned, please.

OK, so it wasn’t really stolen, but after so many days of great weather, that’s what it feels like.  Actually, I think God is just transitioning us, or easing us, into the weather back home in Vancouver, WA, which is currently horrible.

We have had short periods of rain today with an overcast sky.  The rain doesn’t last for long nor is it heavy at all, but it does change your plans for outside activities.

Yesterday we took a nice walk along the beach for roughly 2 miles.  Walking on sand is a bit tougher than sidewalks, especially if the sand is dry and soft.  Today we took a walk around the RV park between showers.

We only have three more full days left here.  We will leave Friday and start for home, stopping in Monterey, Corning (both in CA) and Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, OR.

I did finally sign up for an account on Facebook today.  As I told one of my nieces when she commented “Finally” that now since I am retired and have nothing to do except wait for my Social Security check each month, I have time for Facebook.  Also, after hearing how successful the Egyptians were using it to start a revolution, I thought I might use it here for one.  We’ll see (Note: to the National Security Agency…I’m just kidding!  Really, no seriously, it is just a joke.  Really.)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finally! Broke 80!

Yep, finally broke 80.  Nope, not my golf game though.  The temperature today!  We went for an 8.8 mile bike ride in Los Alamos and while we were there, the temperature hit 84 degrees.  Won’t be that warm tomorrow though.

We really covered just about every street in the city of Los Alamos (about 15 miles south of Santa Maria, CA).  We found some nicer sections of the city that appear to be recently developed.  Then we came back to the RV to read books and relax.

Hard to believe that we leave in 6 days for home.

Also, wanted to say how much I am enjoying my new Samsung phone.  Besides the Nook and Kindle apps, it lets me get e-books online, track geocaches and many more things.  In fact, to see all that it can do (and many things I bet your phone can’t do), click here

Friday, February 11, 2011

The planes return to Oceano

Not much happening today.  Did some small maintenance items and then Carol and I went for a 10 mile bike ride.  Today had the usual superb weather so it was a great opportunity for a ride.  About the middle of next week, the weather is supposed to worsen with a chance of showers, so we need to take advantage when we can.

We went through a state park on the ride, then down to the Oceano airport which we visited two days ago.  This time there were some airplanes on the ramp.2011-02-11 15.01.33

We also drove through 3 campgrounds and then came back and rode a bit around the park here for a total of ten miles.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Goofy Golf

Today I played golf again.  Didn’t shoot very well.  Actually mostly poor shots and really had to work at getting a decent score.  Going into the last hole, I actually was tied with my best score on this course, but only had one shot all day that was any good.  All the rest were poor and only saved because I can putt reasonably well.  Of course took a double bogey on last hole which really wacked the score.

Here is a picture of my one (and just about only) decent tee shot all day.  If you look real hard, to the right of the flag, you’ll see the ball about 3-4 feet from the pin.  (Phone cams don’t do it justice).

2011-02-10 11.38.36

After I returned, Carol and I walked to town to have lunch at Brad’s.  It was a bit windy, but sunny of course, so we ate on the patio.  At first, it was a bit cold, but they have outdoor propane tower heaters and once they turned those on, it was quite nice. 

On the walk back, we went through the north side of the park.  There is a class A RV there with the “Jelly Belly paint job.”   2011-02-10 14.41.38 2011-02-10 14.42.16

Not sure who this really is or what their connection to JB is, but if we seem them out and around, we will have to ask.  Maybe free samples?

Also did some maintenance tasks – lubed the jacks and exercised them a bit.  Also worked unsuccessfully on some other tasks that will have to wait until I get home for final resolution.  Our fridge is still acting up, so will hopefully get a warranty service replacement cooling unit when we get home.

Last night, I spent about an hour and a half on the computer watching my son Tim as he did virtual flying.  There are thousands of virtual pilots all over the world who fly with flight simulator programs and all connect to each other.  They also have virtual air traffic controllers with virtual radar screens and they actually do interact and control the virtual pilots using real world weather and locations and routings.

If you are a pilot or a pilot wannabe, this is really fun.  Tim is up in Tigard, Oregon, just south of Portland and I am in Pismo Beach CA.  Yet I saw his screen and heard his audio calls and controller responses real time.  It was way cool.  I’m going to look into getting the simulator program myself and trying it out.  It would be way cheaper than a $75,000+ Cessna! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wandering Around

Today we took a drive down highway 101 just to visit Los Alamos and whatever else we ran into.  Los Alamos (the one in CA, not NM) is a small sleepy town, that can best be described as a town time forgot.  While most buildings need some maintenance, overall the town appears with its own charm, frozen in time.


In the center of the crossing of main streets, there is a small monument labeled with only 1918 and the flagpole above.  This is a monument to the soldiers from World War 1.


There is a nice county park on the outskirts of town and it has these trees with really interesting branches.  They twist and turn every which way and all appear quite strong.  Probably a great climbing tree or one for a tree house, no doubt.


After leaving Los Alamos, we went about 15 miles further south east, and headed to Los Olivos.  This is wine and olive country.  The main street is full of wineries and they all are open for tasting.  I’m sure if you visited every one of them and sampled, by the time you got done, you’d need a designated driver for sure!

There was a store that featured items for your yard, including these huge wind chimes.  The one pictured here is actually about 8 feet long and makes a really mellow sound.  Your wallet would make a similar sound if you purchased it though, since it costs $1,595IMG_8967

Even here, there is the WWI monument in the middle of the main traffic arteries.


After Los Olivos, we drove the 6 miles or so over to Solvang and had lunch.  Then we visited a bakery to treat ourselves to tasty ├ęclairs and then we headed back to the RV for a bit.

While at the RV, my older son, Tim, IM’d me about an airport nearby.  He is interested in flying someday, but for now does it virtually online (more on that another day too).  I was a private pilot (2,300+ hours, IFR) and owned several different planes for awhile (C-172, C-182, C-210, etc.).  Tim has always been interested in flying, so we went down to this airport, about 5 miles away, and took pictures for him.

It is the Oceano Airport.  Here is a picture of the entry gate.


Here is the fueling area and transient parking.  We noticed a lack of airplanes anywhere around here, though one did a touch-and-go before we drove up.


They have a little room called the pilot’s lounge.  You can work on your flight plan and listen in on the aircraft radio there.


There are also some comfy chairs.


No self-respecting pilot lounge would be complete without a bulletin board to post notices, adds, etc.  Here is an airplane, almost identical to the first one I owned in 1973.


To park your airplane on the ramp, it is $10 per night.  And for $10 more per night, you can use their adjacent campground.


They do have a nice modern fueling station for avgas.


This airport also has noise abatement procedures and, according to Tim, is one of the few with a “notice to airmen” (NOTAM) to lookout for kites! IMG_8995

Many of the parking spaces are labeled with aircraft designators like P38, MD80, B17, C150, F4U, B747, etc.  Kind of cute.   IMG_8996

So Tim, when you buy your plane and learn to fly it, you can fly down and visit us when we are in our “winter residence” at Pismo Coast Village!   

Monday, February 7, 2011

By the Lake

I started today out with a few minor maintenance items.  First, we have a media cabinet that has a door with hinges that were not staying screwed in.  Fixed that with longer, larger screws and a bit of wood glue.  Then went to work on the front brakes of my bike.

When I installed the Hilltopper, it comes with a new front wheel (tire + rim).  However the diameter of the new rim is slightly larger than the one replaced, so the brake would rub on it and that made it harder to pedal.  I was able to adjust the brake so that it allowed for the larger rim and now all is well.

Today was such a pretty day, we decided to take a picnic lunch to Lopez Lake, just about 15 miles from here.  When we had dinner with our friends Debbie & Bill on Thursday, he mentioned the lake and we decided to check it out.

The park has a $9 admission charge per vehicle.  A bit steep but we decided to give it a try anyway.  We drove all over the park and really checked it out.  Many of the campsites are full hookups and they have a lot of them.  They also have a marina where you can launch your boat or rent one.  Fishing is big on this lake.  Here is a picture of the lake from where we went to try and have lunch.   2011-02-07 12.26.34

I say we tried to have lunch because this spot was really windy, so we went to a more sheltered location.  After lunch, we drove around some and came across wild turkeys and many deer.  Carol took pictures of those, so visit her blog at  (She just got a new toy though, so she may not post for a while.)

Then we went to a day use parking area and sat on a bench overlooking the lake for about an hour.  I read my current electronic book on my phone while Carol worked on crosswords.  Here is the view from where we sat.

2011-02-07 11.45.11

The lake is at only 74% capacity and is usually down to less than 50% during the summer.  Since this is the prime source of drinking water for the 5 cities in the area, this is a real problem that will need to be addressed long term.

After leaving the park we decided to walk the main street of Arroyo Grande for some exercise.  While walking I noticed that many iron fixtures (Bike racks, railings, etc.) throughout the city were adorned with this cutout of horses pulling a stage coach.   2011-02-07 14.44.53

Turns out that this is their city logo and is featured on many things throughout the city.

Planning on playing some golf tomorrow as the weather should still be quite nice.  We’ve been here over two weeks (since Jan 21) already and only had 1 day of rain and that really was mostly in the early morning before sun-up.  So we are really enjoying these temps in the 70’s.

Don’t ask about my Super Bowl pick.  I’m sticking to my job as a blogger and leaving the sports picks to the guys in Vegas.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Pick

My pick:  34-17 Steelers.  We’ll see how I do.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

76 degrees on the Central Coast

Yep, that’s right, the official high temperature today was 76!  And was it ever enjoyable.  Any warmer and we’d be testing our air conditioning!

But, first back to yesterday…..

We walked into town about 5:30 just as the sun was setting.  We detoured down to the beach to enjoy the last official moments of daytime.

2011-02-04 17.44.32

After enjoying another of God’s great scenes, we met up with our friends from Downey, Debbie & Bill and had dinner at Brad’s in downtown Pismo Beach, just two block from the ocean.

Today it was forecast to be a great day so we decided to pack a lunch, load up the bikes and head for Morro Bay to visit a park we saw from highway 101 last week and go for a bike ride.  Once we finally figured out how to get into the park, we unloaded the bikes and found out that they had about 3 miles of trails leading to the beach, another park, a high school and back towards town.  We explored all of these except the route back to town which we will do on a future visit.

During the ride, one spur of the paved path led to the beach  with many small sand dunes. 2011-02-05 12.13.41

After the ride which was 5 miles (rather short for us), we had a picnic lunch at the park.  Then packed up and headed through Los Osos to Montana de Oro state park. It is about 5 miles west of Los Osos and once you get there, the park stretches for about 5 more miles.  One part of the park has a great beach area with very coarse grain sand and many rocks.2011-02-05 14.18.41After visiting the park, we drove back through Los Osos and then back to the RV.

The good news:  Tomorrow’s weather will be just like today’s!  Hope this holds for next week so I can get more golf in!   

Friday, February 4, 2011

Signs of the Times

Yesterday we went for a long walk into town.  Visited some streets we had not walked before and both came back tired from the walk.  For dinner, we went with some friends to Gina’s, a small Italian place in Arroyo Grande. 

Over the past 37 years, I have been doing consulting for a school district in Southern California.  Debbie was one of my key contacts at the district and she just retired last July.  She and her husband Bill drove up for the weekend from Downey and came over to the RV before we went out to dinner.

Today we went for a walk on a costal trail just north of Shell Beach.  It wasn’t long, maybe just 1.2 miles or so, but very hilly.  On the way back to the car on the path, we met a lady going the other way who mentioned that there were seals and otters and other aquatic life down the cliffs.  Interestingly enough, she was carrying a marijuana joint in her hand getting ready to light it, I suppose.  She was very casual about it and I guess it is so common for her that she didn’t think anything of it.

Here are a couple of shots taken from the path we walked so you can see the great views we enjoyed.

2011-02-04 13.02.44 2011-02-04 13.04.07After the walk, we went to a park in Shell Beach and enjoyed a picnic lunch.  Later tonight, we are going to meet Debbie & Bill in town for dinner.  We are close enough here that we can walk to meet them, so we will get a bit more exercise.

Now, here is a random collection of ironic signs for a change of pace.  I suspect they need no words to describe them.  Pick your favorite!  (If you can’t read them, be sure to click on them to enlarge.)

bird church  gate  outback pshcyic  write

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chillin? Yep, now we’re chillin….

Well, things got off to a rocky start today.   Our dry ice worked fine overnight and seemed to keep everything nice and cold.  We were scheduled to take the RV over across the street to have the diagnostic checks done at 9am, so we got up real early (6:30am) and got everything ready.  Of course, we were ready by 8am!  That's usual for us though.  We are always early. 

We have a few quirky things like always being early.  I also have a parking angel – always seem to find parking spots up real close to our destination and that drives Carol crazy as to why I am so lucky there.  Also whenever we go into a business, like a cafe, that has no customers, soon the place is mobbed.  We seem to drag them in some how. (Note:If you have a struggling business and need our help, our rates are reasonable.)

Anyway, back to the main story.  At 8:40 the repair place called and rescheduled us to 11am.  So now we were really early!  Bummer!We hung around for a bit, off loaded some items into another fridge and then I took the rig across the street at 10:45.

Went back to meet Carol at the clubhouse and spent an hour or so reading some library books on my Droid phone. (that's another topic for a future blog post).  Then we went to lunch where I received a call that the manager at the RV repair place was ready to give me the news personally.  (that didn’t sound good.)

So after lunch, we went over and found that the unit was working just fine!  The manager did the diagnostics himself and was in contact with Norcold back in Ohio.  Of course, Norcold was operating on a skeleton crew with phones that were not stable.  But he was able to get enough info to meet the need.  The theory is that the unit warms up the fluid and it goes up into the cooling coils.  Except on our 4 door model, there is a known problem with the cooling system not being robust enough.  Sometimes it forms a bubble which is removed either by turning the unit off for a while which allows the fluid to settle back in the tank removing the bubble, or driving and having the RV bounce a bit which over time will settle the bubble.  He suggested that once every 3 or 4 weeks, when we go to bed, we just turn it off and then turn it back on first thing in the morning.  Sounds a bit wacky to me, but we will see if it works.  At least it is working real well right now and that is what counts!

He will still contact Norcold to see what a permanent fix is.  Norcold has a bad reputation about supporting their units so they may not do much.  (In which case I shall blast them all over the place on the net!)  But he things there is a 50-50 chance they will agree that this is a weak unit and since it is so new, it needs replacing.

We are also looking at replacing it entirely with a residential type unit.  We would lose the option to run it on propane, but I have a 2000 watt inverter I could setup to run it while we are on the road.  Plus the residential units weigh so much less and are much more reliable.  If it can be done without too much modification and the unit could take the bouncing that occurs in an RV, we may just do it.   Others have and have reported good results.  If you are one of these that has done it, I’d appreciate your dropping me a note on when you did it, who did it, what unit you used, and how it has held up.

Lastly, I want to take note of all you who are followers of this blog.  I appreciate your interest in reading along.  I don’t usually have time to read blogs, but Carol does and she follows many of them avidly.  When she comes across something she thinks might interest me, she points it out.  So I follow many blogs vicariously with her help.  So if you are a follower here, again, thanks for coming along on the journey!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chillin…..or not

Today we discovered that our fridge has died.  The cooling unit on it has given up the ghost and died.  Naturally we have it stuffed with food.  Had a mobile RV guy look it over today and he verified that it is dead.  Norcold has certain procedures that must be followed and it goes in for a 1/2 day appointment tomorrow to have that done.  Then, assuming it is the cooling unit, we will have to wait up to 3 weeks for the part.  Yuk!

The good news is that it appears it will be covered under warranty.  The part alone is $2,100 so that is good.  Meanwhile we bought some dry ice this morning and put that in and around and it got things under control.  However it would take $20 worth of dry ice per day to keep us going.

So we bought a small electric 3.6cuft fridge and it is outside plugged in and cooling down now.  Tomorrow we will cram it full with all that we can.  We also bought more dry ice and will try to keep what remains as cool as we can until we can use it all up.  When we get home, I’ll put the small fridge out in my shop and use it there.

During all this hassle, we did get in a 7 mile bike ride around Shell Beach and also back here at the campground.

Stay tuned to this channel for more exciting news on the chilling problem as it develops!