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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wildlife? What Wildlife?

Today we drove down to Oso Flaco State Park, about 20 minutes south of Pismo Coast Village on Highway 1.  The park has a long nature path that crosses Oso Flaco Lake and runs out a bit over a mile to the beach.  The bridge and path are all part of a boardwalk that is really well built and uses concrete slats that should last a long time.  Here is a picture of the bridge over part of the lake.

2011-01-30 13.36.48

Here you can see the path as it progresses from the lake through the dunes and out to the beach. 2011-01-30 13.51.50

When you arrive at the beach you can either take a path down to the beach to walk in the sand or you can take an alternate up to a viewpoint that overlooks the beach.  Here is a panorama of the beach view from that point.  (Remember on any photo, you can click your mouse to expand it.  And for panoramas, it is helpful to use the browser zoom feature in the lower right corner of the window)

2011-01-30 13.57.15

The area is full of sand dunes that in some areas you can drive on.  Here in the park though, they are protected so that the native plants can regenerate.  Besides the dunes in the picture below, you can see the beautiful clouds we have today.  It rained during the night with a couple of scattered showers today, so the sky has really been changing.

2011-01-30 13.57.52

At this park we saw a few birds, but not too much wildlife.  There are about 10 different species of birds to look for plus raccoons and mountain lions, but we didn’t see any of them.

On the other hand, when we returned to the RV, we had wildlife right in our campsite!



Judy and Emma said...

Aha! A band of marauding mallards! :)

Sue and Doug said...

the attack of the birds!!..great boardwalk pictures today!..I seem to remember seeing those shots somewhere else before!..nice day you both had!..are dogs allowed to walk on the boardwalk??

Donna K said...

Hi Dave...I've been following Carol - don't know how I missed your blog. Enjoyed your photos. I echo Sue and Dougs's question...are dogs allowed on the boardwalk?