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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunny & Serene

Today was another nice & sunny day - temp of 74  Had some projects to work on around the RV.  First, I washed some spots on the outside of the RV that didn’t get washed too well when I tried to do it at dusk one day last week.  Also cleaned a zillion bugs off the front window so now we can see out of it.

Then we went to a carwash and I cleaned the car which really needed it.  Then onto an RV parts store to check it out and get some gas struts for a cabinet door.  Came back to the RV, had lunch and then installed a new wider sunshade on the driver’s side window.  I had one there before but it was about 2/3rds the size it really needed to be.  The new one just about covers the whole window.  I really had to be a contortionist though to get it done.  Laid on by back on the dash to the left of the steering wheel.  Not comfortable at all for a guy 6 foot 4!  But got it done!

Then took the old smaller shade and installed it on the passenger side for Carol.  Hopefully it will help her too.

Then fixed the cabinet door.  Also cleaned some spots on the carpets.  After that, took a break and then Carol and I went for a walk into town and out on the pier. This is the view looking back towards the north from the pier.  You can see just how beautiful the sky is here!

2011-01-24 15.07.06

There are a lot of surfers out in the water, but most of them spend all their time paddling around and not riding the waves.  After about 5 pictures of waves, finally caught one guy actually riding.

2011-01-24 15.12.08

Out at the end of the pier, there are three antenna masts.  No idea what they need those for out at the end of the pier.  The elements are short so I suspect they are fairly high frequency signals, but what would you need them for on the end of a pier?

2011-01-24 15.12.58

Here you get a look at the full pier looking back from the end.

2011-01-24 15.13.28

This is the view from midway out on the pier looking south onto the beach. 

2011-01-24 15.06.38

And here is the view toward the north from the same point on the pier.  Carol thinks that Shell Beach is right under those cliffs.

2011-01-24 15.07.02

Total walk was estimated at about 2 miles or so.  If I get time, I am going to measure it with my GPS program.

Tomorrow’s forecast is for more of the same!

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Sue and Doug said...

sounds like you all had a productive day! the beach shots..looks pretty darn nice there..raining buckets here at home!..geez!!