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Monday, January 31, 2011

Relaxing Monday

This morning I did a bit of trouble shooting on our TV system.  The bedroom TV would not get a signal on the cable.  Everything looked right but just no signal.  So I traced the wires back to the front cabinet.  Found one loose wire there and. more importantly, found that there were two wires in the bedroom for the RF signal.  Not sure what the second one is, but the wrong one was connected.  Once I connected that, the back TV worked just fine.

This afternoon I played golf again – 9 holes at the Pismo State Beach Golf Course.  It is a short par 3 course but excellent practice for my short game.

Here is a picture from under the tree on the 7th tee.

2011-01-31 13.38.24

Here is another view looking back to the #6 green.  You can see that our rain from yesterday is all gone and the sky is once again totally clear. 2011-01-31 13.38.31

Ended up shooting 1 shot better that last time I played so I can’t complain.

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SVB said...

Hey Neighbor!!!

Staying here at Pismo Coast Village Resort too!

It's been beautiful weather and great sunsets