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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Love Yosemite

Didn’t make any entry for yesterday because we have very poor internet where we are staying so it is hard to post.  And there won’t be any pictures today for the same reason.

Yesterday we drove from Corning, CA to Mariposa, CA – a distance of about 262 miles.  Weather was great during the trip and the only problem we really had was a traffic stop on highway 99 – it took us a bit over an hour to go 6 miles.  They were building a new center lane barrier which will be nice when done, but by closing one lane everything was backed up for 6 miles.  There are so many trucks on this route, the traffic is really slow.

We arrived in Mariposa about 4ish.  We are staying at the fairgrounds.  We are actually taking up 3 spots as we had to park sideways as we didn’t fit in longwise.  The guy who appears to run this park (called “Indian” by all) helped me get positioned correctly.  The fairgrounds actually has 5 RV parking areas, most have electricity, many have water, but only area 5 has sewer.  Of course, areas 1-2 with no sewer have wifi. 

30amp power is all we have here and the cell signal is very poor and not 3G, so things are very, very, sloooooowwwwwww.

Today we drove the 40 miles into Yosemite Valley.  We have been here several times, but the last was probably 1992 or so.  Things have changed a bit, but the beauty placed there by the Creator still inspires awe.  We walked an icy trail partway up to Bridalveil falls  and walked out over swinging bridge.  Both trails were very icy as there is snow on the ground in most places and it has been packed so hard by other walkers, that it is icy and very slippery.  Fortunately we had our walking poles and snow boots.  They worked pretty well, but we still slipped many times catching our momentum with the poles.  Neither Carol or I fell once, others were not so lucky.

We chased around for lunch. Places were either closed or very expensive.  Finally we found a deli which did the trick.  Lesson learned, next time we bring food with us.

After lunch we went to the visitor center and watched their 23 minute movie “The Spirit of Yosemite.”  Great flick, well worth the time to see.

After that, we went over to Yosemite Falls and walked the one mile trail up to the lower falls.  Again, very icy and slippery, but neither of us fell.   Many others were on the trail in street shoes, and many of them had wet rears from falling.  Dogs for some reason, seemed to do OK.

We had the option to stay another day and go back to Yosemite or leave and head to Sacramento.  We had done most of the things we wanted in the park so have decided to head to Sacramento for a few days.  Should have great weather tomorrow and may get some bike rides in while there.

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John and Ellen said...

Very nice post Dave. I like it that you gave credit to our Creator.