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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Going the Distance

Today we elected to give Carol’s wrist another day to recover and so we went for a walk rather than a bike ride.  Initially, all we planned to do was to walk from the RV park to the Monarch butterfly sanctuary, round trip distance of roughly a mile or so.

But we found a path which we followed toward the sanctuary and then we found more paths which took us through a state park to the beach.  Here is a view from the path back to the golf course I played on Tuesday.

2011-01-27 10.50.34

Partway down the path we came to a large section that had wooden decking.  This path ran parallel to the beach just behind the sand dunes and went for a considerable distance.  2011-01-27 10.50.40

Often along the path, there were small side paths through the sand to the beach. 2011-01-27 10.50.45

I used my Droid cell phone to take these pictures and found that it has several other abilities.  It can also take movies and make panoramas.  To make a panorama, you select the feature then take 3-4 pictures in sequence overlapping the pictures as you shoot.  The phone will stitch them together into the panorama like the one below.

2011-01-27 10.56.24

Pretty neat feature for sure.  Below is another picture of the path decking.  You can see the beautiful day that we enjoyed in this picture too.  2011-01-27 10.59.21 Here’s another picture looking from the path to the beach.  This one is actually looking back toward the northwest.   2011-01-27 11.00.52 We walked along the path which bordered the golf course. 2011-01-27 11.00.58 After we returned home, I checked my GPS on my phone and found that we had walked 4.1 miles.  Not only was that way beyond what we were planning, but it is our longest walk so far.

After lunch I did some chores – I lubricated our leveling jacks (need to do that about once a week when at the seashore to protect them), also went to WalMart for some supplies including a new tire for Carol’s bike.  She actually wore through it.  I’ve never seen a bike tire actually worn through.  You can tell she really used it and must have enjoyed it.

At sunset, we went down to the edge of the beach to watch the sky turn colors.  There were not many clouds to help give color, but it was still very enjoyable.

2011-01-27 17.23.45 Here is a picture with the sun fully set, but still illuminating the few clouds just above the horizon. 2011-01-27 17.27.34

You can’t see them too well, but there are two ducks heading home together. 2011-01-27 17.34.41  The temperature made it all the way to 75 today.  But it wasn’t too hot and it soon went back to the high 60s.  Great golf weather!!!!


John and Ellen said...

Very nice pictures Dave. I was surprised to see how good of a job the Droid did with the photos.


Gail Durham said...

The pictures are just great!

Sue and Doug said...

lovely shots..pretty good for a cell phone!