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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From the Sea to the Links to the E.R.

Today we decided to take a bike ride along the Bob Jones bike path.  It is just north of Pismo Beach and goes from Highway 101 all the way to Avilla Beach.  The path is paved the whole way and is used by runners, bikers, and strollers.  One interesting scene along way was this “pipe forest.”  Not sure why these pipes are “growing” here, but they are about 6 feet tall and maybe 9-12 inches in diameter.  There is about 150 of them in no discernable pattern.  There’s probably a story here, but who know what it is?

2011-01-25 10.45.13

Further down the path we came to a bridge just for the path users.  It borders a golf course and had a terrible odor of sewage on the course.  People were playing the course (and it looks like a very nice course), but they must have had to hold their noses the whole way.

2011-01-25 10.56.22

Here is the view down the 10th fairway of the Avilla Beach Golf Resort.

2011-01-25 10.56.27Once we arrived at Avilla Beach, there was a small boardwalk area and this is the view looking northward.  2011-01-25 11.01.21

This is the view looking out toward one of the two piers at Avilla Beach. 2011-01-25 11.01.29 This view is of the local shops along the beach.2011-01-25 11.03.49 When we got back to the RV after lunch, I went and played 9 holes of golf at the local course.  It is an easy par 3 course and good for working on your short game. Here is a view down fairway #6. 2011-01-25 14.44.02

Carol called me on the phone while I was on the course and she was in pain.  Her right wrist was really giving her problems.  I stopped at the local grocery store for some meds and an ace bandage, but they really didn’t solve the problem.  She was still in considerable pain, so I hunted down the local urgent care facility and we went there at 5:30.  She was seen by a doc and he diagnosed inflammation of her wrist due to Carpal Tunnel and gave her a prescription to alleviate the symptom.  We are back at the RV now and hopefully the new meds will do the job.


Sue and Doug said...

hope Carol feels better soon! surgery for carpal tunnel on the agenda when you get home???

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Hope Carol feels better soon, we miss her blog writing...not that yours is bad, just not the same as hers.

Did we backstroke enough to get out of that one? Jerry is actually better at backstorking, me...not so much!