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Monday, January 10, 2011

First Day on the road

Today we left for California for about 6 weeks.  We are first heading for Mariposa, CA so we can park there with hookups and make day trips to Yosemite.  Then we’ll go to Grass Valley, CA on the 18th so we can be at DeMartini RV and hopefully get our slide fixed.  Then onto Pismo Beach until Feb 18th.  From there, we head home.

The first leg was from home to 7 Feathers RV/Casino in Canyonville, OR.  The weather was good except for patches of dense fog.  We made good time and tomorrow head for Rolling Hills RV/Casino in Corning, CA – about 280 miles away.  It will be cold tonight and will have snow showers in the Siskiyou Mountains so we will have to keep an eye on that in the morning and we may either have to delay or switch to the coast route.  Hopefully we will get going early enough that we will beat the storm.

It is supposed to be 27 degrees here tonight, so I have insulated the water hose and will be sure to fill the RV fresh water tank in case we need it.


Judy and Emma said...

I hope your trip through the mountains goes smoothly with no snow. :)

Sue and Doug said...

have a safe trip though the mountain pass!!.soon you will be on the other side!