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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Curing whatever ails it

Today (Wednesday) we are at DeMartini RV in Grass Valley, CA, again.  We arrived yesterday after an uneventful 90 minute drive from CalExpo in Sacramento.  The weather was sunny and so warm we had to open windows and screen doors upon arrival.  Didn’t stay warm at night though!  Got down to 39!

Last night at 5pm, after DeMartini closed, I washed our RV.  It really needed it.  Unfortunately, since it was getting dark, I had to do it really quick and I can see today that near the end of the process I missed a couple of spots.

This morning, we were up bright & early to check in at 8:30.  We have 4 problems for the techs to work on.  First is our never ending slide that won’t close tight.  This they thought they had solved at our last trip here, but the fix didn’t last.  Today they could see where the actual slide mechanism may have been improperly installed at the factory.  They actually video taped the mechanism as it was working to diagnose it.  What they found was that the track, when extended, isn’t making contact with the inside roller.  This is because the roller is not far enough down the track and doesn’t match the other side of the mechanism.  They will validate this with Fleetwood in the morning and then make the change. 

Problem #2 is a problem we’ve had with the windshield wipers.  Several times over the past 15 months, they would suddenly go real slow then quit.  When I first took it into Camping World to have it looked at, they could find nothing wrong and just hit the wiper motor with a hammer to get it working.  On our trip home in December in Oregon, they failed in a rainstorm again.  So I used a hammer to get them going and it worked.  Of course, that isn’t a good solution.  So today it is getting a new wiper motor installed.

Our other two problems relate to our leveling jacks making popping noises and our Electric monitoring panel sometimes showing the wrong load.  Those will be tackled tomorrow.

So we will be here for one more day at a minimum.  I’m betting that we actually will be done Friday, but it could be shorter (or longer!).

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