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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Basking in the Sun at the Beach

So here we are at Pismo Beach on a clear January 22 with a temperature of about 70 degrees.  I don’t want to even tell you what the weather has been like back home in Vancouver, WA.  Let’s just say it is different and leave it at that.

Today, as planned, was a day of miscellaneous errands and otherwise relaxing.  First, we walked a bit less than 2 miles into town and back.  We went by the beach from which we got a great view looking back towards the RV Park.


Tivela stultorum, also known as the Pismo clam, is a species of saltwater clam in the genus Tivela. It is native to the eastern Pacific Ocean [1]. As the name implies, the Pismo clam lives in Pismo Beach, California.  To celebrate their specialty, the city of Pismo Beach has large clams hidden around the city in various spots.  They seasonally decorate the clam shells.  Right now, the Monarch butterflies are in residence after their migration south.  Their habitat is about a quarter mile south of the park and well worth exploring.

The decorated clam below with its butterfly is positioned at the entrance to our RV park.


Also on our walk, we came across all these lifeguard shelters that have been brought up from the beach.  They do this in the offseason to protect them from the high surf from winter storms.  It almost looks like a sales lot for surf houses though.


While walking in town, we came across this sign.  It warns you that the building is not “safe” during an earthquake.  I wonder, if a building doesn’t have a sign, is it considered safe?  And if you are in a “safe” building during an earthquake and it turns out not to be so safe, what recourse do you have – Sue the state?


After the walk, I went to WalMart to get some shorts.  Then we went on a 9 mile bike ride down to Ocean Shores State Park and other sites along the way.  I had earlier fixed Carol’s bike brakes as they were acting up, so now she is safe on the road.

After the bike ride, we relaxed for awhile then it was time for dinner already.  Since it was so nice out, I was able to BBQ some chicken.  Can’t do that in January in Vancouver!!!

Tomorrow are the NFL Conference championship games.  First is Green Bay at Chicago – I’m picking Green Bay.  Second is New York Jets at Pittsburg and I am going with the Jets.

Really strange playoffs this year.  In the first week, the number 6 seeds in each conference beat the number 3 seeds.  in the second week, the number 6 seeds beat the number 1 seeds.  Now they each play the number 2 seeds in their conference.  If they both win, the superbowl will consist of the two number 6 seeds playing each other.  Stay tuned and see how good I am at football predictions!

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