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Friday, January 14, 2011

Attention WalMart Shoppers……

OK, I know I had planned to put some Yosemite pictures up when we got to a spot with better internet.  But Carol already beat me to most of them (see her blog today by clicking here).  So I will just put up a few of my favorites for you.

First off is a picture of the 2006 rockslide that closed SR140 for many months.  It happened at night and fortunately no one was under it.  The park ranger that admitted us in happened to be driving through right before it happened.  She heard the noise and looked back and saw it.  Several of her friends were further behind her and had to stop, turn around, and go about 65 miles out of their way.  They still are not sure how to reopen the road.  They may make a tunnel, or a bridge or just clean it all up.  Though apparently it is a known area of slides.


So, you ask, how did we get around it?  There is a traffic signal at about a 1/4th mile before each end of the slide.  These signals alternate at 15 minute intervals to allow you to cross two temporary bridges.  These bridges and the connecting roadway is one lane only.


As you can see, the last gas station before entering the park has a great price “advantage” as they are your last chance to fill up.


If you come in from the south (or double back a bit as we did), you can go up to what is called the “Tunnel View.”  As you come through this tunnel, you get a stunning view of the valley with El Capitan on the left, Half Dome in the far rear and Glacier Point on the right.  As well as several major waterfalls, depending on the season.  In this picture, Carol was able to get me in the picture and the background to include Bridalveil falls just over my left shoulder.


A great picture of Upper Yosemite Falls just above the lower falls which, as I mentioned yesterday, we walked up to.

IMG_8208 And here is the Lower Yosemite Falls….


As we were leaving, the sun was setting over the valley and it hit Half Dome and turned it to a golden color.


So now you are probably wondering something along the lines of….well great pictures, but they don’t fit the title of this post at all.  What gives?

Well, today we drove from Mariposa to Sacramento to stay at CalExpo, site of the state fair.  The RV park here is simple but has all our requirements: 50 amp, good WiFi, and good satellite reception.  After we went out to dinner tonight, we stopped at WalMart.

This WalMart is unlike any other I have seen.  It is a two story WalMart and since you use shopping carts, they had to come up with a way to get you and your cart quickly from one floor to the other.  Moving people was simple – use an escalator – been using them for years with no problem.  So the solution for the carts is the same.  They created a cart escalator that runs adjacent to the one for humans.  You push your cart through the specially marked doors…..

2011-01-14 19.01.45

as you can see, Carol is riding down on one side and her cart comes down the other.

2011-01-14 19.02.14

At the bottom, there is another set of doors where your cart comes out and you just pull it through and push it away.

2011-01-14 19.02.27

A pretty neat solution and very easy to use.  First time I’ve ever seen this system.


Carol K said...

I'm glad you are so easily entertained, Dave. In the future, plain old escalators without carts will seem very boring.

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Simply amazing, we have never seen this sort of setup before and this is going on our list of places we must see. Which Walmart is it?

Ray and Pat Wildman said...

We've seen one like this at the Target store in Janzen Beach. At least it was there several monthes ago.
We enjoy your blog along with Carol's.

Sue and Doug said...

very interesting story about the slide and the escalators!!

Judy and Emma said...

Interesting post, Dave, escalators and all. :)