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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And the winner is…….

Today we drove from 7 Feathers in Southern Oregon (about 120 miles or so north of the border) to Corning, CA  (about 140 miles south of border).  We were most concerned with the weather going through the Siskiyou Mountains.

Well, the first part of the trip went easy.  We picked up some strong crosswinds between Rogue River and the border—enough that I had to slow from 60 to 55 to make handling the RV easier.  The Siskiyou summit was clear of snow & ice with great driving conditions including no rain!  We had lunch at the rest stop south of Yreka and north of Weed.


After lunch, we headed south through Black Butte Summit with an altitude of 3900+ feet.  Here we started with light snow becoming a full shower at the summit.  It was just starting to stick to the road as we went through.  The forecast called for snow showers in the morning turning to full snow in the afternoon.  I think we pretty much beat the storm as the snow stopped about 30 miles south of the summit as we went lower in altitude.


We are staying the night at Rolling Hills Casino/RV park.  We’ve stayed here before and like the park as it has full hookups, great satellite signal & cell coverage plus on Tuesday & Thursday, an all you can eat buffet – 2 for the price of 1.  What a deal. 

We are members of their Shasta Club which gets us free promos every so often.  Both Carol and I had $10 worth of free slot play this trip.  Mine didn’t last long, but Carol, using their money, at one time had almost $24!  She played that down to $20 and quit.  She went out a winner and promptly treated me to the buffet dinner.  Nothing like eating your winnings!

Tomorrow, we head for Mariposa.  It is raining right now but is supposed to stop by morning here as we leave.  The forecast for Mariposa is also cloudy with no rain and more importantly, no wind and a high near 60 degrees!  Looks like I’m getting in the area of good golf weather!

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Sue and Doug said...

winner winner!..glad you made it through the mountain passes!!