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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Update & Snowdate

Our RV spent all day in the service bay on Friday getting the slides worked on.  The techs here are superb.  Unlike where I took it last time for warranty service (initials CW), these techs won’t give up until they actually figure out a cause and solution.  For example:

Our bedroom slide was not coming in straight and it would leave the trailing edge with anywhere from a half inch or more when it closed.  You could sometimes hear a noise like a thump when it closed.  The other place would just put it back in and reset it and of course, 3-4 more opens & closes and it would be right back out again.

The DeMartini techs figured out that the slide mechanism is centered under the bed but there is also a closet to the right (trailing side).  This meant that there was uneven weight being moved when operating the slide and the closed was basically sliding along, or in this case, dragging along.  When the friction became too much, the rightmost gear would jump a tooth and then the slide would be out of alignment.  Their fix is to get a roller, similar to what you might put under the rear of an RV to stop it from hitting the ground, and mount it under the closet to support the weight and reduce the friction.  This works great!

They are even going a step further and going to reverse one of the gears since it was worn from the extra torque needed.  They will do that Monday as well as try a few things with the big slide and its problem.

So we got the RV back at 5 and am parked at their campsite for the weekend.  Last night we went to the Cornish Christmas street festival in Grass Valley.

Today (Saturday) we drove up to Truckee. We went from Grass Valley on Hwy 20 up to I-80 then to Truckee.  Some great scenery along the way with the wintery snow conditions.


A great picture of Donner lake from I-80

IMG_7676 As the transcontinental railroad, and the current Union Pacific railroad, cross Donner pass, the actual railroad is covered for about 7 miles with a wooden roof to keep the snow off the tracks.


We had lunch at a little cafe called “Coffee and.”


After lunch, we went to Donner State Park.  This is where the Donner party spent the winter in 1847-48 and ran out of food.  Over 33% of the party died and the survivors had it so bad, that some resorted to cannibalism in order to make it through.

While at the park, we got out our snowshoes and walked along the nature path in snow that was about 2 feet thick.  You could see that many people tried to walk the path in boots and left deep impressions.  But the snow shoes handled it with ease.



Sue and Doug said...

snowshoeing? fun is that!!!!

John and Ellen said...

Good story and description of your slide trouble. We have had nothing but problems when we have dealt with our local CW too. Sounds like you are in good hands.

While we do not miss the snow, it is very pretty to look at. We live in the Tug Hill region of NYS. There we typically receive 300-400 inches of snow a year, so we do a lot of snow shoeing, always fun.

Thanks Dave for your comment and helpful sugguestion! I appreciate your response. I will take a look and give it consideration.