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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Never ending maintenance

The last couple of days have been RV maintenance days.  It’s been raining most of the time, so I can’t do too much.  But yesterday I remounted my Pressure Pro tire monitoring system.  This system has a control panel that I mounted to the left of the gauge cluster and has an outline of the RV and toad showing the tire positions on each.

Each tire has a small sensor on its valve that relays the tire pressure every 5 minutes to the control panel.  If the pressure drops by 12% or more, it sets off an alarm.  The system is really accurate and once on a trip, it indicated that one of the toad tires had suddenly lost air pressure.  I was able to pull off the highway and take care of the problem before the tire went flat and was ruined.

I had originally used Velcro tape to hold the control panel in place but over time it would fall off.  So instead, I screwed some L brackets into an area on the dash under a cover and mounted the Velcro tape to the brackets.  This works really well and is a much sturdier mount.  Also had to replace 3 sensors as their batteries died after 7+ years.  I have the remaining 7 sensors ready to replace when the remaining 7 die too.

Today I got the oil changed, chassis lubed and a new oil filter installed.  I decided to go with synthetic oil this time and it is supposed to last twice as long, so I should save $$$ money over time.  Also completed winterizing the RV (or as much as we do here when the temp goes below freezing).

Tomorrow I have two tasks to work on.  First, the clock in the radio doesn’t keep time unless it is turned on.  There is a wire for the clock memory but for whatever reason, it was not connected.  I’m going to trace it back and connect it so the clock remembers the time.

Also, the power switch that raises and lowers the front window nightshade is on the drivers left, below the arm rest near a cup holder.  I’m planning on moving this switch to the center console where it will be easier to reach and also changing its power source so that it does not require the key in the ignition to use.

The radio and the switch sound easy, but will take some time and careful work to get done right.  I want to get all these done before our next trip to California in a few weeks.

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Carol K said...

Good work, Dave. Thanks for taking care of all the maintenance!