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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A long, long, long day

Yesterday we did some errands (haircut, stores, etc.) and also a bike ride.  We also visited the Monarch Butterflies nesting area right near our RV park.

We ate out (our last dinner in Pismo) and planned our next day heading north to Monterey.  We hope to visit the Pebble Beach GC area as I won a free trip there to play Pebble Beach, Spyglass and Spanish Bay.  We may do it this spring or early summer.  But for now we want to check out the area and RV parks, etc.

Just before I went to sleep, about 10pm or so, Carol was on the internet and happened to get the weather for Monterey.  Turns out there was a significant update from a few hours earlier when I checked it.  Now there is a major storm coming in Friday that will bring high winds and heavy rain to the Bay Area and down south.  So we quickly did some planning and decided to forgo the Monterey stop and get up early and head home up I5.  We planned to get to Corning, CA – a distance of about 420 miles.

So we got going early (about 7:30) and headed out.  Had lots of tule fog (A very spotty, but dense fog that causes those 100+ vehicle pileup you read about).  Fortunately, it wasn’t too bad and we made great time getting to Corning at 3:30. 

Of course we visited the Indian casino for their 2 for 1 buffet and both Carol & I played $5 in the slots.  I won nothing, she left 25 cents ahead.  You can tell we are big time gamblers.

Tomorrow the weather looks marginal.  We will probably encounter some snow showers up around Mt. Shasta and again as we enter Oregon going over the Siskiyou mountain passes.  But it doesn’t look too heavy and hopefully we will beat the worst of it.  As we get further north, the weather should improve somewhat too. 

Stay tuned!

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